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Study Habbits Essay

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Chapter I
The Problem and its Background


Most teen nowadays suffer ion different problems which lead them to face difficult situation. Problem mostly affect one’s life situation especially studies.

Everyone face difficult problems as people grow old. In school, fourth year students are required to perform well in their studies special they are graduating students. They must give a good performance in order to enter in different school and universities mostly in Manila. But as they study, they cannot remove the fact that they will also experience different problems rather than their studies.

In the present generation, the focus is not only intended for students but also in other things. Especially now we are in the modern world. They are many distractions and priorities which may be not handled well. Teenagers nowadays are becoming reckless. Some thinks that they are independent enough for ...view middle of the document...

What are the effects of the problem to the study habits?
3. How teenager think nowadays?

Statement and Purpose

1. To determine the problems of the students or a teenager.
2. To be able to identify effects of the problem to their studies.
3. To distinguish how teenager handle this kind of a problem.

Scope and Limitation

Our research is all about "Effects of teenage problems to the study habits of a fourth year student."

We focus our problem the some or 20% of 4th year high school students in St. Mary's College of Meycauayan Bulacan. Our search will last until February, 2015. We focus on the some teenage problems like relationship, computer addiction, peer pressure, family etc. that can affect their studies. And on how teenagers think.

Frame Work
Teen Problem |

Teen Study Habits |

Relationship Problems |
Computer Addiction |
Pressure to the studies |
Broken Family |

In this research, students show the different study habits. Students problems are: Low confidence, computer addiction, low grades, broken family, bully classmates, pressure to the studies and sometimes because of the relationship problems. By this problem, our studies have effect on this. Students become lazy to do homework, 3 review for exam or quizzes. Can be solved by having good environment of the school, by avoiding bullying, to have happy and complete family. It is a big help to the teens to not be stressed in lot of problems at the have a good performance in school.

Significant of the Studies

Teenage problems are commonly seen in for your students which can affect their study habits. It is very important for those students to fix their problems because they have responsibility in their grades. That's why we have decided to make this research not only part of requirements for English IV but also to help students to know that teenage problem affect study habits. Our research will benefit those students who are suffering from the age problems that affect their studies. This research will also help the parents because they are responsible for their son or daughter and their problems.

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