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Study Essay

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Data consist of information coming from observations, counts, measurements, or responses.
Statistics is the science of collecting, organizing, and interpreting data in order to make decisions.
A Population(全体) is the collection of all outcomes, responses, measurements, or counts that are interest.
A sample is a subset(子集) of a population
A parameter(总体参数) is a numerical description of a population characteristic.
A statistic(样本统计量) is a numerical description of a sample characteristic
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(Tel. name ID card numbers)
Quantitative data (定量数据)consist of numerical measurement or counts.(全部由数字组成,年份,时间,价格等

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| 注释 | 例子 |
Nominal level定类计量法(Qualitative data ) | 无顺序 | 名字,一切带有标签性质的东西 |
Ordinary level定序计量法(qualitative or quantitative data ) | 有顺序,但是顺序无意义 | 艺术比赛的排名,带有主观性质的排名 |
Interval Level定距计量法(quantitative data) | “0”表示位置不能用倍数形式表示 | 一个XXXX年出生的人,就是以定距计量法 |
Ratio level定比计量法(quantitative data) | “0”表示没有,是有意义的可以用倍数表示 | 身高,体重,年龄一个人XX岁, |

Data collection
* Observational study(观察法)
* Perform an experiment(无前例的,比如医药实验)
* Use a simulation
* Use a survey(by interview, e-mail or telephone )
* Sampling

Experimental Design
A confounding variable occurs when an experimenter cannot tell the difference between the effects of different factors on a variable.
Placebo (安慰剂)
Blinding(盲实验:一个人不知道) is a technique where the subject does not know whether he or she is receiving a treatment or a placebo.
Double-blind experiment (双盲实验:两个人不知道)
Randomization(随机试验) is a process of randomly assigning subjects to different treatment.
Block design(控制区域)

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