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Studies Of Religion Christian Marriage Essay

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SOR 1 Unit
Christian Marriage
In Christianity marriage is a loving, lifelong relationship in which two people are committed to each other. The ceremony of a Christian marriage is the process of publicly acknowledging a commitment to this relationship. From the celebration of this ceremony there can be a parallel drawn between the relationship between a husband and wife and the relationship between Jesus and the Christian Church.
‘That is why man leaves his mother and father and joins himself to his wife, they become one body’ (Genesis 2:24)
The marriage ceremony is a significant rite for Christians as the celebration recognises the instruction given in the book of ...view middle of the document...

Christians believe in Monotheism, Fidelity and Procreation.
The purpose of marriage is primarily for procreation and to bring glory and honour to God. It is also for spiritual, mental and physical fulfilment, love for God, devotion of their love for one another and it is the acceptable and appropriate environment to engage in sexual activity and build a family life. Procreation is evident in once again Genesis 1:27-28 ‘Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it’. Stating the obligation and purpose of marriage is for procreation, this is evident in role models such as Adam/Eve and Rebecca/Noah that this heterosexual marriage is a recurring motif. Procreation is not between the couple, but it is between God as sex is for procreation and God made people to be together.
Monotheism is shown through the giving of rings of the couples which is seen as a universal tradition across all Christian denominations which this can be dated back to ancient Romans. The nature of the giving of the rings symbolizes eternity and reflects on how the union of man and women through marriage is meant to be forever. The rings symbolises the commitment that the couple will always be true to each other. In (Mark 10:8-9) ‘So they are no longer two but one. Man must not separate, then, what God has joined together’ shows this evidence of monotheism that two people becoming one is because of the belief of God and is explained by Jesus as being according to God’s plan. The holiness and permanence of marriage are explained in terms which describe God as the designer of marriage.
The quote ‘Give honour to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in, marriage. God will surely judge those who are immoral and those who commit adultery’ (Hebrew 13:4) reinforces the belief of Monotheism that the belief of God will judge those who will commit sins in the commitment of marriage. This is also an example of the covenant of Abraham in the Old Testament as the covenant was an agreement between Abraham and God, as marriage is also an agreement but between two couples and God.
Provide three contemporary examples of the aspect in practice
Roman Catholic Marriage Ceremony
In the Roman Catholic Marriage ceremony it is always held in a church and conducted by a priest. The symbolism of a new candle represents the light of Christ in the new marriage lit from two candles representing the families of the bride and groom. This is also shown in the bride wearing white to symbolise purity and the bride wearing a veil to symbolise modesty.
In the Catholic ceremony there is a variety of practices during the wedding such as recitation of vows which affirm the Christian belief of commitment, exchange of rings to symbolise commitment, readings from scripture explaining the meaning of marriage and drinking from the cup of wine to show the unity of the couples.
This is continued by the bride and groom join hands while marriage vows are made, an appropriate...

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