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Students Must Be Penalized For Missing Classes

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Students must be penalized for missing classes.
Do you know that every day to go to school is a happiness? But many students still miss classes for no reason. Why do students do like that? Maybe there is no penalty, so they quit the classes maybe for their playing or seeing others do. To amend this status, somebody has a suggestion that student must be penalized for missing classes. For me, I absolutely agree with this, because of following reasons.
First, this is one of the ways to encourage student attendance and get good grades. Regular attendance and participation in class is critical to a student’s success. Missing classes a lot make them lack of a bunch of information about their subjects. Penalization makes students scared about missing class, so they come to class everyday and keep up ...view middle of the document...

Second, penalization makes class more formal and reduces the possibility for students to do bad acting. A class has teacher, students, also has levels who is upper and who is under. You miss class so many times, it means you don’t want to be in this class. Spontaneously you show your disrespect, which makes teachers feel unpleased, unenthusiastic in lecture and affect to others students attending the class. According to a research that the problem of students being absent from school is directly related to crimes of youth people. If students attend the class, the possibility of youth people committing crimes will be reduced. I suggest that school principal should have treatment for those students missing class repetitively. Not only value student through ability but also through behavior. Behavior should be in transcript for student must care about their ethics at school. It is to prevent them not only from missing class, coming late but also from cheating in studies and school violence.
Nevertheless, there is an idea that coming classes or not doesn’t matter. If they didn’t go to school, they could spend the time more effectively and study by themselves. However, most of students may waste their time in this case. Although they have a thorough plan to study, they may not follow it. It is difficult to work to the plan spontaneously without any mandatory conditions
All in all, I support that students must be penalized for missing classes. To raise student’s awake about their responsibility for themselves, their parents and also school, educational system should have strict punishment to prevent them from doing bad thing. This is also a mirror for other students to see not to follow. All help school have more regulative and increase student’s quality. I believe that penalizing for missing class can help students to attend classes, which may affect their whole life.

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