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Students Hanging Around The Neighborhood Essay

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Students Hanging Around Before and After School
Shanel J. Paschal
Monroe College
The Police & the Community

Students Hanging around the Neighborhood

The purpose of the Community Board is to ensure the city services are accessible to residents, organizations and businesses of the Bronx. Hosting theses regular meetings which are open to the public allow us to acknowledge local concerns. As Commanding Officer Of the 46th Precinct, I’m here to address any quality of life issues in our community. One topic that has frequently come up in recent meetings, that needs to be addressed is students hanging around local businesses and residents before as well as after school. I will discuss ...view middle of the document...

When coming home to an empty house kids tend to wonder outdoors. (Fashola, 1998) As Commanding Officer I would like the Precinct to work with the parents to identify activities that they can enjoy to prevent them from straying into the neighborhood with nothing to do. Children left unsupervised after school often fall prey to deviant behaviors that are harmful to them, to their schools, and to their communities. (Fashola, 1998) Once the youth find themselves idle then crimes come into play.
S.A.R.A is an effective instrument used by the police to control crime. We scan, analyze respond to the issue this way we can assess the issues successfully. Therefore officers will scan the areas with the most activities; report back to us the measures of which we can take to assist these community issues. I would put more patrol units in the problematic areas to ensure that the youth get to and from school without being idle. Officers will try to encourage the youth to join the local PAL or YMCA. Besides the fun and educational activities these programs provide, they will give supervision to the youth which will be helpful for parents with full time jobs; who are unable to monitor their children while they are at work. My precinct will enforce curfews and anyone caught disregarding this enforcement will receive summons. Although this isn’t an...

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