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Students And Military Training Essay

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Man is basically an animal. The instinct of fighting is inborn in him. Thirst for power and glory is a part of his personality. At time, he behaves like a savage, irrational beast. In spite of all claims of the modern civilization, man is even today busy in piling up and preparing terrible weapons of war. Nobody can deny that the various nations of the world are participating in a race for armaments. Aggression continues to be committed by the strong against the weak. Oppression and exploitation of the weak by the strong continue to raise their ugly head every day. In such a state of affairs the weak have to go to the wall. In a world dominated by the principle of ‘might is right’ one has to be strong and powerful.

India is peace-loving country. She does not want to extend her frontiers. She has a keen desire to live in peace with her neighbours. But who cares for that? China ...view middle of the document...

No country would dare attack India. Peace can only be ensure if we are strong. It has been rightly said : ‘If you want peace, be prepared for war.’

The scheme of providing compulsory military training has several other advantages also. This training will inculcate in the minds of the students a great sense of discipline. They will be trained to fight. It will prepare the students to be healthy citizens of India. They will become hard working and cheerful youth. It will boost the moral of the people. It will help the citizens to safeguard and honor of India.

Our Government is not yet prepared to make military training compulsory in all schools and colleges. But many schemes aimed at providing military training have been introduced. The N.C.C. is the best of these. IG gives practical military training to students above 15 years of age. It aims at inculcating in them the qualities of discipline, selfless service and patriotism. The N.C.C. has already proved its utility on several occasions. IN the wars against China and Pakistan, the N.C.C. cadets did a commendable job.

The N.C.C. is the third line of defense. In times of national emergency, it has to take care of the internal security. It can defend the country in times of need.

The defense of India is a sacred duty of all the young men and women living in this country. They should, therefore, come forward and devote a part of their time in receiving military training. Instead of leading, a life of ease and luxury, they should train themselves to face any misfortune with a mighty heart. Military training our young boys and girls is sure to produce disciplined young men and women with iron physique and steel nerves. Such men and women are the backbone of a nation.

It is said that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. But mere vigilance is not enough to protect liberty. Vigilance must be backed by a striking power and fool-proof system of defense which can be developed only through proper military training.

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