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Student Values Essay

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Personal Values Paper
Students at University of Phoenix were asked to complete the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment. The students were then instructed to examine the Ethics Awareness Inventory and the ethical profile they are most closely aligned with and least closely aligned with. They were then asked to compare their personal values to the values of Kudler Fine Foods. Therefore, this paper will examine the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment, the results of Tracey Adams, a University of Phoenix student, and how her values compare to the values of Kudler Fine Foods.
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This type of person focuses on the greatest good over evil and does not take moral duty into consideration.
The equity perspective is closely aligned with a theory that was developed in the 1970s. This individual does not believe that equality is assessed by the usual standards of equal opportunity. This individual challenges modern thought and considers rules to be oppressive (The Williams Institute for Ethics and Management, 2008).
Tracey Adams, a student at University of Phoenix, took the Ethics Awareness Inventory and was most aligned with the character perspective and least aligned with the equity perspective. This student is theoretically more concerned with whom she is morally rather than the actions she takes. She is very much in opposition of the equity perspective and believes equality is undesirable.
Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet grocery store that provides fine meats, cheeses, and wines. Kathy Kudler could not obtain the gourmet foods she desired in her neighborhood. Therefore, Kathy Kudler established Kudler Fine Foods in 1998 to provide those foods to the neighborhood. This organization is very socially responsible. They donate products that are still in good condition to local shelters and kitchens to feed the less fortunate. They purchase foods from local organic growers and use only unbleached flour and do not add preservatives to any of their products.
Kudler Fine Foods generally operates with a deontological or obligation perspective in mind. This organization focuses on their moral duty or obligation to do what is morally right. Kudler operates with a conscience and this is apparent in their actions. They give back to the neighborhood and region. They provide food to the local shelters to assist taking care of those less fortunate. They advertise the finest products...

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