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Student Test Scores Essay

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Student Test Scores used for indicating a School’s Competency
Student’s test scores are regarded as a pivotal means of evaluating an institution’s progress relative to all other institutions. Traditionally, students securing high scores are considered as the apple of everyone’s eye and all the schools view them as their prized resources that are a means of enhancing the reputation of the institute (Astin, 5). This essay caters with a meticulous account of the extent to which test scores are beneficial in assessing a school’s competency. It highlights the ...view middle of the document...

Scores like words read correctly or number of multiplication problems solved correctly reflects a student’s progress over time (Popham, 27). All these scores indicate how well a school contributes in making children learn up to the fullest extent.

The core function of a school is to teach its students the material on the curriculum. The most optimal approach to find out the learning capabilities of the students is to assess them through proper tests. This is the reason why test scores indicate school competency to the extent of teaching. Good test scores indicate that the material is well taught by the school teachers and is instrumental in motivating the students to study for the test. It indicates that the teachers in school emphasize in selecting the material most likely to appear in exam as compared to the most useful material (Astin, 7). High test scores indicate that the material is drilled very well into the heads of the students and they memorize it well. However it does not clarify that whether the material is well understood or is just reproduced on the basis of the parrot up facts fed into the minds of the students.

Test Scores Indicate a School’s Reputation
Schools feel very proud and gain immense reputation when their students attain high scores in tests. People also tend to keep those schools only in their good books, whose students are attaining high scores in test (Astin, 8). Parents judge a school’s quality standard by having a look at the scores attained by the students at school. Test scores indicate a school’s competence in yielding professional candidates for future. Test scores are the only means which offer an impartial means of evaluating competency, despite the fact that they do not cover all the aspects essential for evaluating a school’s system of education.

Test Scores Lend a Hand in Earning Supplementary Resources
Supplementary resources like funds from the government and distribution of scholarship and rewards by the governmental play an important role in enhancing a school’s competency level. These resources are granted to schools on the basis of test scores acquired by the students. Thus high test scores will enhance the probability of a school in achieving these supplementary resources which will ultimately earn a good name for the school and will enhance the school’s competency level too.

Test Scores Only Measure Academic Excellence
Test scores are one of the several ways of measuring competency of a school, yet it is not the sole way to do so due to a variety of reasons. Test scores only measure academic competency and does not cover areas like extra-curricular activities, school catering and transport, general atmosphere of the school, student behavior standards etc. All these aspects constitute an integral part of school assessment. Moreover, high scores also indicate a possibility that the school may not be able to facilitate less able students, or it does not amicably caters the ones...

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