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Student Teacher Interaction On Facebook: What Students Find Appropriate

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Student-Teacher Interaction on Facebook: What Students Find Appropriate
Is it Credible or Not Credible?
New Social Networking Sites (SNS) such as Facebook, and other popular sites, provide teachers with greater opportunities for reaching out to their students. As these technologies develop, there is not a widespread understanding of how they could be best be used in education. Authors Brehane Teclehaimanot and Torey Hickman present information in their article that helps to develop an understanding student teacher interaction using these new technologies, by investigating what students find appropriate levels of student-teacher interactions on Facebook. The results indicate that students ...view middle of the document...

Designed, developed, and maintained a website to support the University of Toledo’s. Dr. Hickman coauthored 3 publications. (Hickman, T).
Dr. Berhane Teclehaimanot is a Professor of Educational Technology and Program Coordinator at The University of Toledo in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Berhane served for fourteen years as a Director of the Carver Teacher Education Center and taught over 22 years courses in educational technology. He has authored and co-authored over 55 research articles and has made over 82 presentations at the national, international and regional conferences on his research interests primarily on the integration of technology into the curriculum to enhance the teaching and learning process. In addition, he has provided over 60 faculty development/training workshops in various topics in the area of educational technology (Teclehaimanot, B.).
This particular source was published by TechTrends, which I found to be credible for my purposes of writing. TechTrends is a leading journal for professionals in the educational communication and technology field. It provides a channel that promotes the exchange of important and up-to-date information among professional practitioners. Articles published in the journal contribute to the evolution of knowledge and practice in the field. Among the topics addressed are the management of media and programs, the application of educational technology principles and techniques to instructional programs, and corporate and military training.
The purpose of Student-Teacher Interaction on Facebook: What Students Find Appropriate is to get its readers interested on how Facebook and other social networking websites for the purpose of student teacher interaction. The article states “SNS promote social interaction between individuals, potentially supporting active learning, social learning, and student knowledge construction within a student- centered, constructionist environment” (Ferdig, 2007).
I have found Student-Teacher Interaction on Facebook: What Students Find Appropriate to be bias, because it mostly discusses student opinions on the subject of Facebook interaction between students and teachers. An example of this would be in the discussion part of the article that says, “Statistical results indicate that there are differences in how appropriate students find different behaviors on Facebook.” Another example of bias in the article would be, “Further investigation of the least appropriate behaviors provides an even clearer picture of which behaviors students would be most uncomfortable with” (Teclehaimanot, B. & Hickman, T).
The evidence provided in the source makes it creditable for my writing purposes. The article states that, “Facebook provides opportunities for teachers and students to interact in new ways, but the guidelines and expectations for behavior have not been clearly defined.” For example, “Hewitt and Forte (2006) report many students did not want their...

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