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Student Survival Guide 30 Essay

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Student Survival Guide

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Student Survival Guide
Earning one’s degree can be fun and easy. Knowing the ingredients to a successful academic career gives the new student the tools they need. Once a student has them down, he or she can build the future they have always wanted.
Using Axia’s Educational Resources
Axia provides many of its study materials in audio format. It provides flexibility and mobility that many adults need in today’s ever increasing technology world. The University Library is different from a traditional library in that a student can be anywhere and read the books online. To use the University Library, it is ...view middle of the document...

WritePoint and the Plagiarism checker are found on the Center for Writing Excellence home page. (University of Phoenix, n.d.) Besides these tools, remembering to cite all sources including those that are paraphrases will prevent one from plagiarizing.
Setting and Achieving Goals
The main key to success is to set and reach for goals; however many times we set daunting goals that are not obtainable. We can break down a large goal into smaller more obtainable goals. For instance, one’s bigger goal is to get a degree; however to break down that goal, one’s smaller goal could be to finish this class with a passing grade.
One of the best things about having a virtual setting is the ability to fit it around a schedule. The flexibility to do class work on a schedule allows students to get their degree in the time that will fit best for them.
Managing Time Wisely
The best way to prevent burnout is to create a schedule that has some flexibility that will help students juggle school, family, and work. The use of a day planner, or even calendars and planners on the computer, will help students tay focused while still having time for work and family.
Since we do have this flexibility to do our class work when we choose, we need to be aware of when we procrastinate. We do this because we become overwhelmed with the size of a project. To reduce the overwhelmed students should break down the project into smaller steps and do a little bit at a time.
Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention
Comprehension techniques will vary. Here are some general tips that might help.
• When reading, do not expect to have all the information committed to memory. This rarely happens; however a few passes over the text will help some of the main ideas become more memorable.
• As you read, think about what each passage is saying. Ask yourself, what is the author trying to express here? What are the main ideas and the supporting details in each section?
• Another good way to understand reading more is to build one’s vocabulary. If you stumble across some words that are unfamiliar to you, looking it up in a dictionary will give meaning to an otherwise foreign word. The better diction skills one has, the more complex concepts he or she will be able to understand. (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007)
An exceptional study method is the SQ3R Method, which is a simple step-by-step process that will help with the memorization of the text as well as understanding the key ideas.
1. Survey the organization of the passage. This can be done by skimming the table of contents, headings and pictures, or the glossary and index. From this step one would be able to see some of the main ideas that will be covered within the passages.
2. Question what you know about the topic and write questions linked to chapter headings. By asking what previous knowledge may have of the subject will make...

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