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Student Survival Guide Essay

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Downloading files for your use on your machine or portable device. Downloading files is really useful during distance learning, because it can really save me from having to do a lot of hand written notes, or printing things I don’t need to. Having a flash drive can be helpful in situations where I do work on a computer that is not mine. Almost each week’s assignments will have an Appendix or reading that is necessary to complete the work. Since it will probably be used that more than just one time, it can be downloaded right on to the computer. Doing this can be a lifesaver if the internet goes out, because between the class folder and having those files downloaded on my ...view middle of the document...

GENERAL SEARCH - Type in a topic and search right from the main page.
ARTICLE DATABASES – EBSCOhost_, Gale PowerSearch, _and ProQuest are some options I can use to do searched based on specific criteria. EBSCOhost will let me see full text views of periodicals and peer-reviewed journals, which can sometimes be mandatory in an assignment. The information is current and comes from a specific resource. ProQuest and Gale PowerSearch are all different from EBSCO and each other. Based on what I need to find, I can use the database I need.
ENCYCOLOPEDIAS AND DICTIONARIES – Use these for definitions, biographies and references on broad or specific subjects.
REFERENCE AND CITATION GENERATOR – This is a tool for writing citations of information resources. There is a proper way to do this, and there are also some exceptions in certain situations. I can use this option in case I need some help with something.
ASK A LIBRARIAN – This service will let me talk with an actual librarian about something while using the University Library. There might be something I can’t figure out on my own, and I can go here to get some assistance.
REQUEST A SPECIFIC DOCUMENT – If there is something that I can’t find in the library or anywhere else, it is possible to request specific documents. First the library will check and see if the document is already available and tell me how to retrieve it. IF it is not already available, then the library will try and retrieve it themselves.
Identifying key information within articles When researching a subject for an assignment, I may come across a lot of information that needs to be read. It is important to know how to look for key information within the articles you read so you can find what you are looking for.
TITLE – Looking at the title of an article is the first step to identifying what that the article will be about. This may not always be the case, but it will more often than not be true.
PARAGRAPH TITLES/HEADERS – Next, scan down the article and look at all of the paragraphs. There may be titles of the paragraphs, and those should be pretty informative. If there is not a title for the paragraph, then briefly look at the first few sentences to get a feel of what the author is trying to say.
Understanding Axia’s academic honesty policy While attending Axia College, academic honesty is something that should be remembered and practiced at all times. Since we are in a distance learning environment, we will come into contact with a lot of information. It is ok to gain ideas and gather information based on things you read, as long as the academic policy is upheld. The academic policy is upheld in order to help students bring out their own ideas and respect the ideas and thoughts of others.
PLAGIARISM – Plagiarism is essentially taking or using the work of someone other than...

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