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Student Survival Guide

Shafan Bryan

GEN/105 Skills For Learning In An Information Age

February 28, 2010
Lillian Chenoweth


After reading the contents of the Student Survival Guide, students will better be prepared to venture off in to the world of online learning. This guide will help one to better understand; educational resources available, academic honesty, setting and achieving goals, managing time wisely, reading comprehension, retention, applying personality, and learning styles. Online classes are not for everyone, by reading this guide it will give the student more of an insight to see if this is the right choice for them.
Educational Resources
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This tells the other students, the instructor, and most importantly yourself that you have integrity, honesty and respect for the University’s policies.
Setting and Achieving Goals
When attending college, it is very important to set short and long-term goals for oneself. This will help one in achieving ones day- to- day assignments as well as ones final papers. Short-term goals will be stepping stones to the long-term goals. By setting goals for oneself it will act as a guide throughout ones academic years. Do not get discouraged if some of the goals are not attainable right away. You will get there; it just may take a little longer then what you first anticipated. Making the goals and writing them down are a lot easier then actually achieving them. This will take time and perseverance on one’s part.
Managing Time Wisely
Managing ones time wisely can be one of the most challenging things to do while taking online classes. Students seem to find themselves procrastinating because there is know one watching over them to make sure the work gets completed. Set a certain time each day for studying and doing class work, follow that regiment daily. Students will find that if they stick to a schedule, the classes will seem less stressful and one won’t take the risk of falling behind. In the beginning, of each class it is important to take the time to read over the syllabus. Highlight important due dates, print it out, and keep it close to your work station for easy access.
Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention
Knowing and understanding how one retains information will best help when reading the material for one’s courses. Some of us highlight important information, whereas some of us have to read aloud or write important facts down throughout the reading. Applying the SQR3 (survey, question, read, recall and review) a technique developed by Francis Robinson can be very useful throughout ones academic journey. Survey – preview the material, skim over the...

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