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Student Stress Essay

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Being a student can be the most exhilarating time of your life. New friends, new places, new challenges can all add up to a huge buzz. But all those things can also make student life seem a total nightmare. Financial worries, debt, exam pressure, burden of homework, relationship problem, parental pressure and so on, these all together buildup students' stress, which can overwhelm any student. Stress is one of the biggest problems and challenges facing students who seek to get a good education today.One model that is useful in understanding stress among students is the person-environmental model. According to one variation of this model, stressful events can be appraised by an individual as ...view middle of the document...

Medically, a little pressure can boost up students' enthusiasm of study. However, over stress, over work and taking too much stress of life might lead students to an extreme depressive state where a person in would even commit suicide. Stress is obviously a common and the biggest obstacle on students' road to success.Stress is one of the biggest challenges for students. Identified by Longman Advanced American Dictionary (page 1441), stress is the continuous feelings of worry about your work or personal life, which prevent you from relaxing. Therefore, stress comes from the students themselves. For the sake of gaining good education and earning a brilliant student life, students themselves have to eliminate this kind of feelings. In other words, fight against themselves to pull out those feelings from the brain, which is the largest challenge since the strongest enemy is self.Though stress is increasing, as human's brain evolving to be stronger, we as the successors of the world can certainly handle it. How to beat stress? Optimize your business and pull ahead of your competition! Live optimistically, we can conquer everything!Lazarus, Richard S. PSYCHOLOGICAL STRESS AND THE COPING PROCESS. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1966.Katz, Joseph, and others. NO TIME FOR YOUTH: GROWTH AND CONSTRAINT IN COLLEGE STUDENTS. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 1969. UNITE STUDENT LIVING REPORT 2003. 21 January 2003LONGMAN ADVANCED AMERICAN DICTIONIARY (2001): Page 1441.

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