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Academic Factors Affecting Student Satisfaction at the University of Buckingham.


The University of Buckingham is the only independent University in the United Kingdom. Many studies have acknowledged the benefits of the private universities compare to public universities. Private universities are more customized: small classes, strong relationship between students and lecturers. Frankly speaking, service quality and student satisfaction is significantly higher in private universities.

Intensifying competition and more demanding customers have led universities to identify what is important for students. Furthermore, higher education is recognized as a service industry ...view middle of the document...

In Higher Education student satisfaction is very important, as it affects the University reputation. Elliott and Healy (2001) described student satisfaction as a short-term attitude based on evaluation of educational experience. Sevier(1996) suggest that s university satisfaction product is based the sum of the student’s academic, physical, social and spiritual experiences.

Service Quality

“Service quality is a critical element of customer perception” (Wilson, Zeithaml, Bitner and Gremler 2012). The study by Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry(1985) on the measuring consumer perceptions of the service quality resulted in development of a multiple-item scale, “SERVQUAL”. This model was further developed and in the early 90 model was consisting of five dimensions: tangibility, responsiveness, reliability, assurance and empathy.

Academic Factors

Academic Factors is one of the constructs of the overall student satisfaction. Based on previous research: the universities should understand the student expectations of the academic factors to provide s suitable learning environment (McManus 2006).

Arambewela and Hall (2009) found that the education construct underlines the three factors such as: the feedback from the teacher, lecturers accessibility and quality of teaching to be the most important variables influencing student satisfaction.

Academic factors and student satisfaction

Many studies have been acknowledged the relationship between Academic Factors and Student Satisfaction during last years. A lot of researches have been made to analyze the affect of academic factors on student satisfaction.

Tessema, Ready, Yu (2012) have collected the data for nine-year period (2001-2009) and surveyed 6,602 students regarding the satisfaction of their major curriculum. They concluded that academic factors directly affect the student satisfaction. Several academic factors have been identified that affect student satisfaction, some of them are more affective than others. Generally, the higher the level of the academic factor provided, the more students satisfied.

Arambewela and Hall (2009) observed 573 students and showed a strong positive relationship between academic factors and students satisfaction.

In this research student satisfaction is tested as a dependent variable, which affected by six academic factors such as:

* High standard of teaching with quality lecturers – an extent to which students perceive the quality of the lecturer. The students are more likely to be satisfied if they believe there is a high quality lecturer (Sampson, Leonard, Ballenger, Coleman, 2010; Broder and Dorfman, 1994).

* Course availability – an extent to which courses are available to the students. Generally, the more options students have, the more likely they will be satisfied. Seaberry (2008) discovered that the major factor of student satisfaction was scheduling flexibility.

* Course content – student perception...

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