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Student Research Essay

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1. It definitely isn’t ethical to sell a product that is not completely effective. Nevertheless, many companies around the world sell products that do not necessarily comply with what the offer, or with what is stated on their labels or their ads. I always think of hand soap that says “antibacterial” on their label but they just make foam. To me, that’s not ethical, but it is definitely profitable.
2. I do think it is unethical to negatively ...view middle of the document...

I think it would be very difficult to successfully enter a market and have growing profits if a company is offering products that do not abide to their cultural norms. In fact, many multinationals offer different products based on cultural preferences. For instance. McDonald’s have a different menu in China that the one the have in the U.S.
3. I think the fair and lovely advertising is demeaning to women. It influences peoples mind in a way that it makes dark skin women to loose their dignity for not being valued and respected. Showing in an ad a woman with darker skin, locking professional opportunities or personal satisfaction is more than likely going to lower a person’s self esteem if they fall into that category.
6. A better promotional program will be to show in their ads that their products can enhance a woman’s beauty, since it actually seems to improve the skin’s appearance. Having women of different skin tones with beautiful skin would be a better way of promoting the product. In fact, it was mentioned that in the more cosmopolitan cities people like a more “Indian beauty”. That’s perhaps what they should utilize for their advertisings.

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