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Student Reflection Essay

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Student Course Reflection

October 27, 2013

The long-term results and the value of completing my degree will help me to accomplish one of my life long goals. My long-term results would be meeting the minimum or preferred qualifications for any job that may require me to have an associates or bachelor’s degree. They would also increase my annual salary because I would qualify for better jobs. They may also decrease or reduce the chances of any future layoffs and could improve my job conditions. Some other long-term benefits would include making my family proud of me for accomplishing such a remarkable achievement, setting an example for others, and qualifying for additional ...view middle of the document...

Time management is a skill that I seem to have to learn through necessity. I have learned through this course to eliminate procrastination and avoidance of tasks. I know time management is a skill that takes time to develop and perfect. It is also a skill that is different for everyone. I have taken a variety of different approaches learned from this course that I will use in future courses and my career to manage time. The first one would be making a to-do list and writing down what I have to complete daily and weekly. The next would be making use of my down time by thinking about what my goals are for that day and prioritizing. I will concentrate on one thing at a time and stay focus, so that I do not lose interest or motivation. I would also set personal deadlines for myself that are realistic and challenge myself to complete them. This would not only save me time, but make me more productive. I will not forget to reward myself for staying on task because I feel that this is important as well to get me goal driven. Critical thinking will be important for me to use while taking other courses and in my future career. I have learned in this course how to refrain from being bias when giving your opinion and thinking before reacting. My critical thinking skills will become increasingly better as I journey through my education by learning to solve a problem with the right aspect of thinking. I have learned that...

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