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Student Observation Of Teachers Occupational Stress In Cmulhs

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Student Observation of Occupational Stress in teachers of
Central Mindanao University Laboratory High School

A Thesis Proposal
Presented to the
Faculty of the P.E Department
School of the Central Mindanao University

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the
P.E 75 Research in Physical Education

Bustos, Fairy Vie M.
Encarnacion, Jay I.
Estopil, Jhon Roy A.
Tanque, Ailyn

July 31, 2013
Stress is the abnormal reaction that the organism displays against treating environmental elements. Stress, which is a general term used for pressure that people are exposed to in life and may be defined as the individual harmony effort that the person displays ...view middle of the document...

Shortly, organizational policies, the structure and the climate of the organization, physical conditions and process are the basic factors of stress in the organization (Luthans, 1994).
In addition, cultural and geographical factors such as climate and religion may shape factors of stress. Stress in working people results in various feelings such as worry, fear and depression. The first symptoms of stress in workers are; tardiness, absenteeism at work and the decrease in performance and production. Distress results in loss of service in the organization, increase in costs, and loss of work of different types, dissatisfaction and loss of spirits in workers, lack of harmony between managers and workers, lack of productivity, burnout, lack of job satisfaction in addition to creating personal problems. Apart from these, it is possible that workers may become ill or lose their lives. Distress is one of the most important hindrances in the realization of organizational aims. (Tatjana Atanasoska, and Figen Eres, 2011)
There were significant differences in the work values of the Adventist secondary school teachers in Luzon by gender, civil status, type of college graduated from, church attendance, and religious beliefs and practices. Female teachers, for example, have a significantly greater preference towards Interpersonal and Religious work values than male teachers. Teachers who graduated from non-Adventist schools have a greater preference for Managerial work values than those teachers who graduated from Adventist schools. Differences were also found related to religious practice and church attendance. There were significant differences in the teaching performance of the respondents by highest educational attainment, church attendance and religious beliefs and practices. There was no significant relationship between teaching performance and work values, or occupational stress of the respondents, but there were significant relationships between work values and occupational stress. (Allida, V. B. (2005).

a. Theoretical(conceptual framework)
Stress is an occurrence that must be recognized and addressed in various professions- the teaching profession is no exception. In recent years, inclusive education has risen to prominence, which changed the traditional roles of teachers, from using a “talk and chalk” method, to being more pupil-centered. Within the South African context, learners traditionally seen as having special needs are accommodated within the inclusive education environment. Research highlights that teacher’s experience with respect to inclusive education is very limited, and that they do not have the skill and disposition to handle diversity (Engelbrecht & Eloff, 2001).
The role of teachers in mainstream schools has become more varied and challenging. Research has shown that casual factors for stress include role overload, poor learner behavior, lack of resources; the number of individuals for whom teachers are...

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