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Student Mentor Reflection Essay

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Student Mentor Reflection 3
The student and I sat down approximately half way through the placement to discuss their progress so far, and to identify if learning outcomes were being met and if there were any additional outcomes to add to the learning plan. We took time to discuss the outcomes and the student presented and/or discussed evidence of achievement. The RCN in 2007 identified the need for an intermediate assessment to recognise progress made.
Having worked alongside the student over a number of shifts, I was felt confident that I would be able to complete an interim assessment of the student. I felt that the relationship between me and the student made discussing progress and any issues that have arose easier.
The interim assessment experience was positive and allowed both the student and myself to highlight and discuss the learning outcomes that had been achieved and those still to be ...view middle of the document...

Through the assessment process the student was able to verbally identify areas where they felt they had to develop on, however the student had not been able to give reasoning behind this. Ness et al (2010) advised that encouragement from the mentor to reflect on experiences was a good way to help the student achieve their goals and understand their practice.
Completing an interim assessment is an important process as this helps to evaluate the students learning experience and identify positive and negative progress. It allows the learners to be given feedback on how they are performing (National Health Service (NHS), 2011).

On reflection I realise the importance of completing an interim assessment and how this can help to identify outcomes still to be achieved by the student nurse. I understand the need to ensure that the learning plan is discussed as this then gives the opportunity to review and amend where required based on the students learning experience (RCN, 2007).
The mentor should encourage the student to complete regular reflection of practice and spent time researching their practice, as this will help to improve the knowledge and skills base during their pre-registration training.

Nursing mentors. The role of mentors in supporting pre-registration nursing students.
Pellatt GC
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