Student Leadership Essay

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|Student Leadership: |
|How to Start and Support a Student Council at Your Program |
|by Michele V. Sacerdote |
|July 2003 |

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It is |
| |providing opportunities for students to demonstrate their talents, skills, and interests while continuing to develop new skills. It is |
| |also about giving students more ownership of the programs they attend. |
| |Why is it important for your program to develop student leadership? |
| |First and foremost, student input can improve and strengthen programs in ways that the Director could not do alone. Students bring new |
| |energy and ideas to the program. Second, student leadership provides opportunities for students to get involved and to learn skills |
| |that can be transferable to the workplace or community. Finally, student leadership deepens each student's commitment to adult literacy|
| |and increases the chances that the student will continue to learn. |
| |What is your role as Director to promote Student Leadership at your program? |
| |Directors have the power to set a tone for the program. The best atmosphere for fostering student leadership is one that is accessible |
| |and values student input. It is the job of the Director to encourage teachers and staff to support student activities and |
| |recommendations. Students need to see that their suggestions are taken seriously. So, if teachers and staff refuse to implement these |
| |suggestions, then students may lose motivation to get involved. |
| |Directors/coordinators need to make a conscious decision to include students in meaningful ways. This is easier said than done. It |
| |takes time and energy to find ways to include students. It can mean letting go of controlling how and what happens and being open to |
| |new ways of doing things. |
| |One way that directors can encourage student involvement is to support and cultivate the development of Student Councils. Student |
| |councils are a great way to find and develop potential student leaders. Depending on the purpose of the student council, it can even be|
| |an active tool to improve the program or do tasks that Directors need or want to accomplish. For instance, student councils can |
| |organize activities, plan student events, conduct a student orientation, help solve problems at the program, advocate for funds, and |
| |advertise the program. |
| |Student Council ...

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