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Student Job Allocation Service.Docx Essay

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Student Job Allocation Service
Table of Contents
Student Job Allocation Service (SJAS)! 2
Main Business Process
Limitations And Future Developments
Reflection In The Context of INFS 1000

It is widely acknowledged that undertaking work experience in the accounting
industry whilst studying gives students a “leading edge” above their peers, thus
improving their employability. Student Job Allocation Services (“SJAS”) does this by
matching accounting students from universities around Sydney who have a credit
average with well-respected firms ...view middle of the document...

SJAS is providing a valuable service to participating firms by pre-screening students.
For all these benefits, SJAS charges a modest finder’s fee of 20% of what the firm is
paying the student.
a) ERD
The ERD Business modelling process helps to describe the business process for SJAS.
SJAS is based upon the interplay of specific entities within the business process. The
four main entities are the SJAS interviewer, the student, the job and finally the
company that hires the student in the end. These entities work together to form the
basis of our business process.
There is a many to many relationship between the interviewer and the student. One
interviewer can interview many students and each student can attend many interviews.
This relationship involves an associative entity. The associative entity involves a M:1,
M:1 relationship rather than describing it as many to many. The associative entity
connects primary keys of the interviewer ID and the Student ID. The composite
primary key for the Interviewer is simply their name.
The student needs to provide heavy detail in order to make the business process
simple. This includes student ID, name, visa type, academic year, address, degree,
academic result and Curriculum Vitae (CV). These details enable the interviewer to be
prepared with questions already relating to the student which allows the interview to
be completed quickly and effectively.
During the interview, the interviewer should record his/her ID and the student ID and
the interview date and time. They are all primary keys to the entity Interview. Then
the interviewer can give suggestions. After the Interview, interviewers collect
feedback. This will become the basis of the interviewer’s recommendations to specific
There is a one to many relationship between student and company. A student can be
employed by only one company, and a company can employ many students. The
student should send all his/her details to the company. Whilst there is no specific
relationship between the interviewer and the company the interviewer does
recommend the student to a company, this does not however involved the transition of
data. The student when they meet the company will provide specific details about
themselves which comes under the bracket of student ID. Through this the company
should know all the student details. The company entity includes keys of company ID,
name and location to the students. To the company, company ID is the primary key
and Student ID is the foreign key.
The relationship between company and job is one to many. A company can offer
many jobs while a job can only be offered by a company. Each job has a Job ID as its
primary key. The job entity has other information such as name, title, requirement, and
employment agreement.
The ERD breaks down the business process which helps manager and directors to
focus on specific parts of the employment process.

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