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Student Exchange Program Essay

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"The Journey is the reward.”
As the modern contemporary society becomes more and more intricate, sometimes I sink into deep anxiety and concern about my unclear future and call all of my experience into question. When I feel very depressed about my future like this, however, I always consciously keep telling myself that although it does not guarantee or is not related to my success, all experiences are meaningful, “The Journey is the reward.”. In this line of thought, I try to challenge diverse experiences and find precious meanings in them.
My name is Gyung Eun Kim, and I am glad to have this opportunity to apply to Exchange Student Program (ESP). Of course, curriculum in Yonsei University are so systematic and interesting that I have learned various fields of study deeply. ...view middle of the document...

That’s because the majority of theories in Communication came from professors of universities in US and US have much longer history in journalism than Korea. Therefore, In US, by listening lectures about history of journalism in US and watching a lot of news channels, I can learn much more diverse views and observe their different practice in journalism.
Secondly, I believe that meeting various people in US can increase my cultural sensitivity and interpersonal communication skills. Except short journey in high school, I have not experienced another culture in depth. In the age of globalization, contacting diverse cultures and interacting with people of other countries are inevitable. With ESP, by listening classes and experience a variety of cultures with new friends from different countries, I will expand the scope of thinking and really understand what culture diversity means. Specifically, I will actively participate in exercise club activity and debating society
Finally, I believe that ESP is one of the best opportunities for students to have time to know my real aptitude and look back my life since it provide us with sufficient free time. In Korea, I have been highly obsessive about perfection and staying abreast of the competitive society In contrast, I would not have to cling to ‘A+’ and various qualifications for job opportunities during ESP. Instead, I can have time entirely for myself, read books what I want to read, and plan my future.
I know that all of these dreams are too rosy, and real life in US can be different of them. However, although this experience will give me unpredictable hardship, I will repeat all the time, "The Journey is the reward.”, and try to find precious values by overcoming all hard situations.

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