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Student Diversity And Classroom Management Essay

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Student Diversity and Classroom Management

Grand Canyon University- EDU 450
October 20, 2013

In today’s classrooms teachers have a lot of diversity to deal with while trying to teach. When it comes to diversity in the class it varies from cultural, mental socio-economic, physical differences. Educators today have to be able to meet all the needs of the students within the class. Teachers need to have knowledge of all the different types of diversity. All of the diversities within the classroom can present several challenges upon the teacher when it comes to discipline. When it comes to maintaining order in the classroom it can be a difficult thing for new teachers it they do not ...view middle of the document...

When the rules and directions are stated clearly in the beginning then if the students break the rules they will know the consequences. Second, step would be to use behavioral narration and/or positive consequences like rewards and praise to acknowledge the students behavior for doing the right things. Just in case students’ behavior continues to be disruptive the teacher should use corrective action and/or negative consequences. Using corrective action to change the behavior of the student could remove time from recess or take away some the students enjoy. The Canter’s felt that teachers have rights and responsibilities. The teachers have the right to teach without being interrupted while the students also have the right to learn in an orderly classroom. According to the Canter’s teachers are responsible for establishing the rules and directions within the classroom.
Another strategy a teacher could use to help manage the classroom would be the Win-Win discipline. The Win-Win discipline encourages communication, accountability, and positive attitudes so that it would be less negative attitudes. The Win-Win discipline theory is centered about the idea of a student achieving long term self-managed accountability of their actions (Charles, 2014). Win-Win discipline promotes critical thinking by causing students to review their actions when they are misbehaving. The Win-Win also encouraged students to reflect on their responsibilities while the student openly communicating their thoughts with their teacher. With the Win-Win discipline it focus on what causes the negative attitudes in order change the student attitude to be positive. When the teacher can get a student to become accountable for their actions they are on a good start to changing behavior.
The third classroom management strategy a teacher could use to manage his/her classroom would be William Glasser’s Discipline Guide by Choices. When the teacher use the Choice theory within their class students have the choice to do what is right and nobody can force the students to learn once they come to school. Teachers use this theory to influence students to make better choices in how they behave, which leads to greater success in school (Charles, 2014). This theory student is giving the rules and directions of the class and it is up to the student to make right choices. Using this theory allow the students to be in charge of making positive decisions that will better them later. Glasser’s...

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