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Student And Non Student Awareness Of Identity Theft

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Student and Non-Student Awareness of Identity Theft
This article was written by John Winterdyk and Nikki Thompson for the Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice. It is titled “Student and non-student awareness of identity theft,” and encompasses the rising concern of identity theft. The article, subsequently, continues to reveal the increasing number of identity fraud cases throughout the United States and Canada over the last decade, with particular focus on the susceptibility of young adults. Moreover, it measures the awareness about the nature, extent, risk and effects of identity theft and a variety of fraudulent behaviors among university students and non-students. ...view middle of the document...

After identification and explanation of the many forms of identity theft, Winterdyk and Thompson continue to discuss the means by which laws have been implemented to control the problem of identity theft. The Canadian Criminal Code outlines 30 different offences including: personation, forged passports, forging using credit cards, interception of information, conspiracy and forging documents. The article is then concluded by an analysis of those who are most commonly affected by identity theft. Young adults between the ages of 18-20 are most susceptible to identity fraud. Within this age group, students were found to disclose more personal information (I.e SIN numbers) then non-students. However, interestingly students tend to use secure websites more often to perform transactions compared to non-students. In my opinion the argument is completely validated and the author provides adequate reasoning and evidence to support his argument. I completely agree that most of society is minimally informed of the different forms of identity theft. They are unacquainted with pre-emptive measures and are unaware of identity theft’s role in illegal immigration and organized crime. This article is significant as it can effortlessly be connected with course material. Primarily, identity theft is an illegal crime, thus it is a wrongful act that the State recognizes as deserving of control and punishment in the interests of society as a whole. Thus, in order to preserve the rule of law, the...

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