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Student Advising Essay

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Dracco Oliver


What is the main purpose of the student advising center and how important is it to the Columbus state community college students. The student academic advising center was my choice of campus resource, I had little idea to what really goes on in the there. My thought must say it is to “be there for the student”. In turn, this means forming a relationship with the student, meeting them where they are in their life, listening to them, and not just showing them what classes to take. Therefore I decided to interview a couple of ...view middle of the document...

An important part of her philosophy of academic advisement lies within the realm of communication. ''I want to know my students'', ''to help them solve challenges before they become larger problems and to assist them with finding resources that they need to live a more fulfilling life''.

Why must student value this resources, first and foremost it will help student self reflect

on knowledge and understanding of personal values, achievements ,motivational goals and

awareness of their goal process .secondly it helps in information seeking and strategies

based on students knowledge and understanding of higher education rations such as the

Degree audit reports (DARS) and the Ohio transfer module which is very essential especially

for student who aspire to transfer to a a four year college. And finally it helps in the decision

making in educational planning using the self reflecting, motivational and information seeking


I later went on to interview a work colleague Francis Tony who happens to be a past

student of Columbus state who is currently at Ohio state about what he think of the student ...

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