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Struggles Between Christianity, Judaism, And Islam

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The contemporary world of Islam faces an uphill battle defending itself from modern day misconceptions and the forced involvement with geopolitics. Islam struggles with the western world’s perception of the religion and cultural understanding. The current religious struggle between the Middle East and the West derives from thousands of years of bloodshed and conflict between the worlds three major religions; Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Blood that was shed during a period of holy wars and the ever expanding ruling powers such as Greece and Rome. The candle of hatred burns in modern times with the presences of radical extremist groups like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda that continue to ignite hatred towards the West by manipulating the Qur’an and preaching concepts that conflict with the laws of ...view middle of the document...

In the United States and most of Europe, women have reached equality to men. There are significant differences between the Western World, Middle East, and North Africa. The modern stakes in the role of sexuality in Islam are high and currently affect its social role in the world. Radical Arab feminists, such as physician and author Nawal El Saadawi, coach their demands for the sexual emancipation of the Arab woman in secular terms. Their secularism, coupled with their Western ideological and political orientations, have been perceived by some Islamist circles as a major threat to Islam (Uhlmann 2005). The arguments and protest between secular radicals and reactionary fundamentalist often result in violence.
When Christianity first branched away from Judaism around two thousand years ago, there was much animosity between the two groups. In order to create a distance between the nascent Christianity and the established Judaism, Jews needed to be seen at best as outdated, at worst as God-killers, and the Christian Scriptures refer to both. As Rabbinic Judaism developed, it did not look favourably on Christianity and sought to make a strong differentiation between the two religions. During the Middle Ages, once Christianity had become the religion of many states, Jewish-Christian relations reached perhaps an all-time low. The Crusades may have been a time for glory amongst the Christians, but Crusader armies would storm through Europe slaughtering Jews on their way. During the Middle Ages, Easter was a particularly bad time for Jews because Christian clergy would sometimes stir their community up into taking vengeance for Jesus’ death. It was also a time when the Blood Libel – the accusation that Jews were slaughtering Christian babies and using their blood in the matzah (unleavened bread) – became prominent and again revenge attacks on this similarly ridiculous claim were frequent.

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