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Structure Of The Modern Society Essay

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Components of the Doctoral Study
Walden University

Section 1: Foundation of the Study
The structure of the modern society has greatly changed. For instance, in 1968, 52 % of children were raised in families in which the father was the sole bread winner; the mother was not in the workforce, while the parents were married. The 1968 statistics is different to today’s society where only 20 % of the children live in households with the father as the as the full time worker while the mother tender the family chore (The Council of Economic Advisers, 2014). Today, children are raised by single parents who double as employees of the labor market. The challenges of ...view middle of the document...

Another dilemma that these parents face is the fact that they have to be there for their children as they continue to grow up (Darcy, McCarthy, Hill & Grady, 2012). This is because the formative stages of a child’s developmental cycle are important because of the role they play in influencing the character of the child (Darcy, McCarthy, Hill & Grady, 2012).
On many occasions, single parents opt to employ nannies that watch over their children in the course of their absence (Favero & Heath, 2012). This is occasioned by the fact that they acknowledge the important role that these individuals will play in the general wellbeing of their children. The unavailability of parents is mitigated by the existence of nannies in these families since they ensure that children continue to experience relative comfort (Favero & Heath, 2012). For example, they may collect the children from school and supervise all other appointments and extra-curricular activities that the children might be required to attend. The danger associated with this option is the fact that parents do not have a connection with their children. The absence of parents from the numerous milestones that children achieve in their process of growth means that there is an inevitable disconnect between them and lack of a meaningful relationship. This remains the dilemma that most parents face whenever they are faced with the choice between their work and parental duties (Tariq et al., 2012).
Problem Statement
Work-life balance is one of the many challenges faced by single parents that impact the quality of service and performance at the workplace (Favero & Heath, 2012). This is evidenced by the government statistics that show 63% of the new mothers who joined the workforce were single mothers (Darcy et al., 2012). The general business problem is that business leaders appear to have a lack of understanding of single parents who make decisions that favor their families over their employment obligations. The specific business problem is that most business leaders and other employers fail have the capacity for coping up with the periodic absence of single parents from their places of work (Tariq et al., 2012).
Purpose Statement
The quantitative study’s vital aim is to evaluate the relationship between the rate of absenteeism by single parents at work and the effect that it has on the profitability of an organization. The first predictor variable is the rate of absenteeism single parents as recorded in the course of observations. The second predictor variable is the organizational profitability. Consequently, the research questions are tailored to determine how the two main variables vary in relation to one another in the course of the study. The area of study is limited to the City of Minneapolis. This is because this city is one of the largest economic centers in the Midwestern parts of the United States (Kreider & Ellis, 2011). It guarantees the existence of numerous avenues...

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