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Structuralism Essay

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Structuralism-Semiotic ApproachINTRODUCTIONFor common people, to understand the meaning or message in poetry is not easy. Usually they can just catch the meaning of words, phrases or sentences in it, but they don't know what those mean. In other words, they can only understand the linguistic meaning, and not know the literary meaning. This is because poetry uses literary language that can only be grasped if they interpret it by literary analysis using kinds of literary criticism theory needed for.Poetry as one of the literary works is very interesting for the combinations of the words used in. This makes poetry distinguished from prose or other literary works in how to understand the meaning ...view middle of the document...

This science regards the social or cultural phenomena are signs. Actually semiotics is the continuance or development of structuralism due to the basic theory used which have correlation each other. In structuralism, Saussure's linguistic theory is the basis, which explains about diachronic and synchronic, langue and parole, paradigmatic and syntagmatic, and signifier and signified. And in semiotics or semiology, those parts of Saussure's theory are applied again.In semiotics, it will be studied about systems, rules, and conventions which may have the signs create meaning. However, in literature field, semiotics analysis includes literary analysis as a usage of language depending on the natures which cause sort of manner (modus) to create meaning. There are two prominent figures that are believed as the semiotics founders, namely Ferdinand de Saussure and Charles Sander Pierce. Saussure is a linguist, and Pierce is a philosopher. Saussure uses semiology as a term for this science, and Pierce uses Semiotics. As having discussed above, semiotics is a science of signs. Sign has two aspects, namely signifier and signified. Signifier is the formal shape (written or spoken) which is signifying something called signified. Whereas, signified is something which is signified or signed by signifier, i.e. meaning/concept. For this case, Bressler explains "Saussure proposed that words are signs made up of two parts: the signifier (a written or spoken mark) and a signified (a concepts): signs = signifier / signified."Sign is not only one kind, but also there are three major kinds, those are, icon, index, and symbol. Icon means signs showing natural connection between the signifier and the signified. It is in similar connection, e.g. tree picture signifies tree in reality as the signified (meaning/concept). Then, index is signs indicating causality between the signifier and the signified, e.g. smoke indicates fire. Whereas, symbol means signs indicating there is no natural connection between the signifier and the signified. the connection in this symbol is arbitrary, meaning that the concept or the meaning of the signs depends on society agreement or convention.The convention of literature is different from the convention of linguistics. If in linguistics the concept or meaning is called meaning, and significance is used in literature. This is made in order that the result of literary convention and linguistic convention are distinguished.ANALYSIS USING STRACTURALISM-SEMIOTIC APPROACH1. Heuristic readingThe first way of semiotics theory (called first order semiotics) used in poetry analysis. It is aimed to get the structural meaning of the poem. It means that the poem is firstly known about the meaning according to analysed the construction or structure. The structure here is such as grammar, words used, phrases, clause or sentence. It can be done, for example by rearranging the sentence structure so that it is correct grammatically, or by giving the synonym...

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