Structural Engineers Making Buildings Work

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This is a presentation i made in my Engineering class. It's about structural enginners, what they do, high school and college requirements, etc... i did quite well on this paper. Great to take stuff off of it and input in a power point.Structural Engineers - Making Buildings WorkTable of Content____________________________Abstract ................................................................ IArea of Speialisation ................................................. IIJob Description ........................................................ IIICourses Required ..................................................... IVHigh School Requirements ........................................... VSalary ...view middle of the document...

Structural Engineers check and calculate effects of the alterations on the structure. Structural Engineers design building foundations.Courses Required___________________________For Bachelors Degree in Structural Engineering of Old Dominion University these are the courses required:Core Technical CoursesEET 305 System AnalysisENMA 302 Engineering EconomicsMET 310 DynamicsMET 330 Fluid MechanicsMET 335 Fluid Mechanics Lab*CET 301 Structural AnalysisCET 305 Elementary SurveyingCET 310 Fundamentals of Bldg. ConstructionCET 340 Soils and FoundationsCET 341 Soils Testing and InspectionCET 345 Materials Testing Lab*CET 410 Reinforced Concrete Design*CET 440 Contract Documents*CET 445 Const. Planning and Scheduling*CET 450 Structural Steel DesignCET 475W Senior ProjectConstruction EngineeringCET 420 Hydrology and DrainageCET 460 Const. Cost EstimatingCET 465 Const. Project ManagementMET 480 Quality Control SystemsStructural DesignCET 360 Plans and SpecificationsCET 400 Comp. App. in Structural DesignCET 452 Reinforced Masonry and WoodSurveying / Site DevelopmentFIN 331 Legal Environment in BusinessCET 313 Advanced SurveyingCET 314 US Land Law & Mock TrialCET 318 GPS and Control SurveyingCET 411 Photogrammetry...

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