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Strict teachers
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There is a well-known Chinese saying which translates into English as “Strict teachers produce outstanding students”. What is your opinion? Write an essay giving three reasons to support your views on the saying. Provide a suitable title for your essay. 
Strict teachers are the nightmare of students
There is a growing number of people, especially parents holding a strong belief in a famous Chinese idiom “Strict teachers produce outstanding students”. They think that strict teachers help a lot in pushing students to strive for excellence. Indeed, what they trust, to a certain extent, is correct. ...view middle of the document...

Hence, strict teachers contribute to the decline in students’ confidence of facing challenges and making mistakes, so they learn less.
Besides, students are usually found to be under great stress if he or she is taught by strict teachers, which is obviously not beneficial to students’ health and growth. The reason behind is probably the heavy workload of students given by strict teachers as the latter wants the former to achieve a perfect standard by doing endless practices. Worse still, various punishments are used to ensure students trying their best to score high. Then, students, like sponges that absorb water continuously, receive a lot of pressure exerted by strict teachers, resulting in serious symptoms such as headache and stomachache. Also, psychologically speaking, students may suffer from depression which may tragically lead to suicides. So even if strict teachers can produce students who pass every test with flying colours, these students might not be psychologically healthy with good personalities developed.
Last but not least, it is beyond dispute that the teaching provided by strict teachers worsens the relationship between teachers and students, which stands in the way of maintaining smooth teaching-learning processes. An appropriate example...

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