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Stress Management Essay

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topic:- stress management


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It is related to demand or resources means what the individual desire and for which the outcome is perceived to be both uncertain and employment .it mean when the demand is greater than resources means if we have the need of more work but we can’t complete the due to lacking of time.
Stress is an increasing problem in an organization for example, most people are says that they are suffering with stress due to greater workloads and having to work longer hours because of downsizing of their company. Mostly people suffered stress due to the unstability of their job, by the survey report we got information about stress it mean employees are complaint about the stress created in trying to balance work and family responsibilities.
As well as mentioned above stress is associated with demands and resources. Demands are responsibilities, pressure, obligations, and even uncertainties individuals face in workplace. Resources are things within an individual’s control that can be used the resolve of demands.
“STRESS” the term is introduced by HANS SELYE in 1936 he views stress as the non specifically induced changes within a biological system. It is non specific because any adaptation to a problem faced by the body , irrespective of the nature of the problem , is included Ivancevich and Matteson define stress as an adaptive response , mediated by individual characteristics and or psychological process , that is consequence of any external action , situation, or event that places special physical and psychological demand upon a person.
In a simplified way stress can be defined as an adaptive response to an external factor that results in physical, psychological, or behavioral deviations in an individual.
By some example we can understand stress in better way. ‘Where as the demand of working long hour leads to stress. Because, due to working load they don’t spend sufficient time at home and they are unable to fulfill the demand of their family person.

There may be various conditions in which people may feel stress. “Condition that tend to cause major stress are called stressors.” Although even a single stressor may cause major stress like death of near one, usually stressor combine to press an individual in a variety of ways until stress develops .
The various stressors can be grouped into four categories:
Individual stressors: there are many stressors at the level of individual which may be generated in the context of organizational life or his personal life.
* Life and career changes,
* personality type
* Role characteristics.

Group stressor: there may be some factors in group processes which act as...

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