Stress In The Workplace Essay

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Stress and the Work Environment
When it comes to stress, women today are juggling more obligations than in the past and feeling the strain. Job pressure, heavy workloads, time management, and other work issues can cause negative responses both physically and emotionally.
Defining the word stress is the beginning of understanding and believing there is a problem. Once it is understood, changes can be made to lessen stress and allow the female employee the tools to be successful in the working environment. The definition of stress according to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary is:
d : a state resulting from a stress; especially : one of bodily or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter an existent equilibrium <job-related stress>
According to Rabin (2010), women who are stressed at work, have a 40 percent increase in cardiovascular disease over all, and an 88 ...view middle of the document...

Workplaces that actively discourage sexual discrimination and
harassment, and promote family-friendly policies, appear to foster worker loyalty
and attachment regardless of gender, studies indicate. Organizational changes
effective for reducing job stress among women workers include expanding
promotion and career ladders, introducing family-support programs and policies,
enforcing policies against sex discrimination and sexual harassment.
Some employers are now facing this issue head on by educating their career development staff on the need for stress management and educating those who manage. When supervisors and managers are aware of the symptoms, steps can then be taken to offer or find help for the employee in need. Hartung (2010)
Education, awareness, and the willingness to acknowledge this issue may lead to more places of employment become less stressful, more fun. A place to come take care of the job at hand and go home happy, healthy, and non-stressed out.


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