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Stress In The Elderly Essay

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Many stressors affect the adults, especially the elderly. I go on day to day living with daily stressors such as basic needs like food and water. We wonder how we are going to manage the day like being a parent, working, shelter, family and friends. Individually young adults tend to think that the older you get the less worries or situations you get less of. Such a wrong perceptions that is, it is the most stressful time in your lifespan.
Types of Stressors in the Elderly and Possible Solutions
There are things you think of again like you did when you were young but it becomes more important and for different reasons. The elderly spend their time thinking of how they will maintain ...view middle of the document...

Purposes of the Stressors among the Elderly
The seniors are having problems with incontinent stages with bowl and urine elimination. That is a big stressor for the family and senior because they have a fear of going places and having an accident on themselves and they don’t want to burden the family with the clean up embarrassment of their non controlling of their bathroom habits. The elderly also consider the fact that making sure that they have a great doctor that cares about their well being is challenging. They want to make sure that it is affordable and that they are going to get real quality out of the system. They have the stress of making sure that they get all the nessarities for the disabilities. They feel like they have to have a good relationship with the doctor so that doctor matches up the right treatment for them. They have to have the stress in maintaining their health and that is to make sure they keep the appointments or having someone like family overlook their affairs. They have to make sure the meds that are prescribed are just right for them. They know their some side effects it’s a matter if they even want to go through them. With aging comes experience and they know if the med is too strong or makes them sick in the stomach and allergic reactions. They have the big stress of cognitive abilities to remember which med to take, when and with what meals. If they don’t know then a family member must carry that stressor. It is very important to them that their blood pressure pill or heart pill is given they understand that if not their lifespan may be short leading to increase mortality among the elderly. Stressor for the family is big; they come to a stage in their life that they begin to think of how my family will survive my passing.

The Elderly Coping Mechanisms
That possibility weighs heavy on their mind and soul. They want to make sure now a days that they have some savings started and wills so that no one has disagreements or terrible experiences during such a already fragile time, like death or funeral arrangements. The elderly put a lot of stress in wanting a little satisfaction of their life experiences. They want to know there was some purpose they served and that they have fulfillment of their life. It can be a satisfied career or a degree that no one in the family received. It is very important for the elderly to stress their bodies’ a little more than they did when they were young so that it can be effective tool in expanding their lifestyle. They know they have to perform some range of motion, or walk a little more the distance, perform some physical activities to promote more oxygen and blood flow to the heart and body. The elderly now a day are enrolling in senior programs where they walk a distance or they have some light aerobics to help alleviate that stress. It’s has shown positive results helping with the...

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