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Stress Effects Management Proposal Essay

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Stress Effects and Management Proposal
April 28, 2014

Stress Effects and Management Proposal
Stress management is the workplace is essential to long term success of any organization. Recognizing and acknowledging stress that employees are experiencing and providing coping techniques for employees can increase productivity and performance in the workplace. In introducing a new wellness program I am proposing that our organization implements the stress management technique of Visualization in the workplace. This is a technique that is very minimal in cost because it can virtually be done anywhere and will enable employees to benefit on a personal level as well as a ...view middle of the document...

This particular technique is ranked second in effectiveness for me personally. This is a technique that can be performed virtually anywhere at any time. This technique does not require physical conditioning or a special location to be performed.
Progressive Muscle Relaxation-I feel this technique has many benefits because it requires complete concentration of the individual. This technique can be performed by individuals of all fitness levels and virtually anywhere. The ideal environment is one that is quiet and allows for the person to focus on the muscle tension and release. Progressive muscle relaxation is ranked third in effectiveness for me as a method of stress management techniques.
Meditation- I believe that meditation is a great form of stress management relief and feel that the benefits of meditation justify the time that needs to be invested for a successful experience with mediation; 20 minutes or longer. However, utilizing this technique in the workplace would take more time away from productivity and could be more costly to the organization as a whole.
Yoga- I personally have found yoga to be very challenging and not to be relaxing since I am currently out of shape and yoga requires a great deal of balance and coordination. However the breathing exercises that are utilized with yoga would be a very effective stress management technique.
Massage Therapy-Massage therapy is a great option for stress management; however it is expensive and therefore it limits the individuals who can benefit from it. I personally have experienced massage therapy and felt it was very beneficial...

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