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Stress Essay

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Courtship Outline I. We will begin by looking at courtship practices in early Pennsylvania "" the Quakers.A. Quakers, people who had a reputation for being very tolerant, understood that Marriage was very, very important "" so important that George Fox (founder of Society of Friends) wrote 60 epistles on the matter.B. There were rules that regulated marriage 1. marriages with someone outside of the"Friends" was condemned 2. people who did marry outside were punished, usually kicked out of church.3. Still it happened as for 2 centuries nearly half of all disciplinary proceedings among Pennsylvianian Quakers were regarding courtship and marriage to unbelievers.4. Not trying to be especially ...view middle of the document...

Key Word: COMMUNITY.II. The Puritans also had things that made their marriage customs distinct.A. Typically Puritans did NOT arrange marriage for their children.B. But having parental consent was very, very important.C. Consequently, there is a sense in which the young man needed to woo the girls' parents in addition to the object of his affections. Often this meant sending small gifts to them to demonstrate his intentions and win their favor.D. Love was important.1. Supposed to precede marriage 2. If one partner thought the other unloving, then the relationship would likely be ended.E. Couples who were engaged also had to post a public announcement at the meeting house on at least three lecture days, and if they did not comply they could be punished for "disorderly marriage." F. The wedding was performed before a magistrate in a CIVIL ceremony.G. In Puritan New England everyone was expected to find a mate and in the first generation of colonists there was only one bachelor. The inability to find a marriage partner was taken as a sign of God's displeasure.Were married 94% of women and 98% of men. These statistics may seem normal to the 20th century reader, but they were unique in the seventeenth century. In Europe close to 27% of the population that reached adulthood would never marry.III. Courtship from 1750 "" 1830.A. How was a spouse selected? Reason "" like selecting a college. Finances Programs you are interested in.. Similarity of values or beliefs. No one probably chose a college because of a passionate feeling. In a similar way, spouses were chosen. What were good reasons for marriage readiness? Muscular shoulders? Good cheekbones? Perhaps #1 was the ability of the man to support a wife and family. Other acceptable reasons included similar social standing and family approval. This focus we have on love (feeling IN love or a feeling of affection) is not ABSENT for the colonists, it just is not a priority and is just something that is expected to naturally develop between a husband and wife.B. In the US, boy-girl interactions tended to be informal. Their lives were intertwined. They would meet at church, at home, they were essentially dating the boy next door, or the girl next door. Parents made little effort to oversee courtship and there is evidence that parents would give a young couple privacy when a suitor came by.C. Practice of bundling 1. "Bundling" was a European together with a board in between them to discourage any temptations.2. A privilege to bestow upon a favorite suitor 3. Would go to bed with the woman fully clothed and often with a board placed between their bodies to reduce temptation.4. "Courting Stick," a hollow stick about six feet long with an earpiece at one end and a mouthpiece at the other. The couple could whisper quietly to each other through the tube while members of the family could still supervise. These two rituals were designed to promote love while still providing the necessary supervision from their...

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