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Street Car Desire: Blanche Analysis

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Blanche: A sympathetic Character she is
Blanche in "A Streetcar Named Desire" is a character that throughout the play stirs all type of emotions. It can be difficult when trying to figure out if someone is a sympathetic character or not. With that being said despite the flaws that Blanche possesses she is still a sympathetic character. This can be supported examining the play. The beginning of the play Blanche automatically generates sympathy, as she is portrayed as the Southern wealthy woman who has a problem speaking to a black person in a normal manner. She has lost the family home Belle Reve and all the family members have died. She has come to stay with her sister Stella and brother in ...view middle of the document...

The most important event in the play that generates sympathies with Blanche was the death of her husband Alan Grey. This was crucial turning point in Blanche’s life and where her disintegration began. This can be pinpointed as one of the main reasons that Blanche behaves the way she does. Blanche mentions her late husband several times in the play, and at one-point reacts negatively to it by saying she’s “going to be sick.” Blanche’s physical reaction when mentioning her husband shows that she is more than emotionally affected. Light is shed into the story of her husband who was caught with another man and committed suicide because she found out. This definitely brings a lot of sympathy to Blanche and shed light on why she behaves the way she does.

Blanche is a character looking to fill her void. She resorts to being intimate with strangers. She is in search of a relationship of the one she had with Alan. This is impossible to find because the men are all just taking advantage of her vulnerability. This makes her pitiful in the eye of the reader and therefore she is viewed as sympathetic. In Scene Five some of Blanche’s past is revealed which she tries to hide. Blanche has been a prostitute and has had a shocking past (2217).

It is clear she has a mental disorder and this is the reason for a lot of the reasons that she has acted...

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