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Strategy Human Resource Management On Staff High Turn Over Rate

2258 words - 10 pages

High turnover rate
at the Royal Brisbane Hospital’s
Bone Marrow Transplant Unit
Executive Summary

Table of Content

Executive Summary

1. Introduction

The objective of this report is to analyse the high turnover rate at Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital’s (RBWH) Bone Marrow Transplant Unit (BMT Unit). Excessive turnover in the BMT Unit is a prime indicator that lack of strategic planning in place from management. The purpose of the report will include the Unit’s background, the main causes of high turnover rate, negative effects of turnover, different misconceptions associated with employee turnover, recommendation for curtailing the rate of turnover within the Unit ...view middle of the document...

3. Causes

Noe et al (2013) suggested that the low and the high performers at an organisation tend to leave more frequently then those at the average. The BMT unit is an environment that requires special clinical skills and knowledge. As a result, constant training of new employee has increased the workload and responsibility for the remaining employee. Due to the budget cut (NU_admin 2013) from government, not every personnel leaving the Unit gets proper replacement. With some senior employees leaving, the role then gets performed by a trained staff with then carried more responsibility yet without the opportunity of promotion due to the cost.

Some experienced employee have to take charge of more then one area simultaneously, such as taking a own patient load as well as coordinated the shift. This creates a stressful environment as the increment in workload then cause more experienced employee to resign or internal transfer to other department.

Furthermore, the high turnover rate has also raised expenditure for staff training, as there is a constant flow of new staff that needs to be trained, it in turn affects the employee morale with the constant adapting to new colleagues. It leads to decrease productivity on new employee training.

With the limited availability of opportunities for development due to the budget cut, employee gets less motivated. In the process, this decreases productivity on training new staff; experienced staff seek opportunities for promotion elsewhere such as internal transfer to other department or leaving the organisation.

4. Strategies for improvement

4.1 Performance management
Performance management is a process which is designed to improve organisational, team and individual performance and which is owned and driven by line managers. It concerned with getting the best performance from individuals in an organisation, as well as getting the best performance from teams, and the organisation as a whole. effective performance management therefore involves sharing an understanding of what needs to be achieved and then managing and developing people in a way that enable such share objective to be achieved.

assume if there is no proper performance management in place, there would high turnover rate, because modern performance management framework, they are ascertain the employee’s aspirations. such as job satisfaction, career development.

4.1 Job design and Job analysis

Job design is a work arrangement that aimed at reducing or overcoming job dissatisfaction. Job design is important for an organisation to perform the organisational activities in the most efficient and effective manner (Noe et al, 2013). It provides the required information about the incumbent and also specifies the way of performing the tasks.

Job analysis is a detailed information on task that makes up a job. Management should avoid using standard job analysis statement provided by the organisation when recruiting for...

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