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Strategy Analysis

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Strategy Analysis
McDonald’s System, illustrate that positive change can originate from anywhere and that everyone has a role to play in improving our environmental performance.
From 2009 to now, McDonald’s has been intending to build a better business through effective environmental practices around the world. It pays attention to make healthy food and be environmental-friendly. In order to fulfill their purpose of going green, McDonald’s are taking several big changes in their operating strategies.
1. Logo Green
This change was started from Europe. McDonald’s swapped its traditional red backdrop for a deep hunter green to promote a more eco-friendly image. With this new appearance, they want to clarify their responsibilities for the preservation of natural resources. Europe is just a start; McDonald’s will extend this idea into all over the world.
2. Energy Green
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In consideration of this, McDonald’s Canada tries to transit white napkins and bags to brown (unbleached) products. As a result, switching to unbleached bags saved an estimated $667 per restaurant each year. Cumulatively, this represents an approximate McDonald’s Canada System savings of nearly $1.3 million annually.
4. Recycling and Waste Reduction
As early as 1992, McDonald’s Austria developed and implemented McRecycle®, a waste-management concept that focuses as much on the input of materials as on the output. For McDonald’s Austria, 95 percent of the restaurant’s waste – both from the kitchen and from the dining room – is recycled. Only 5 percent goes to landfill or the incinerator. Used plastic foil is granulated for the production of waste bags. Food waste is collected and composted. All used cooking oil is recycled into biofuel for the company’s trucks.
5. Logistics Green
Delivery for food material will cost McDonald’s a big amount of money. In 2010, McDonald’s United Arab Emirates (UAE) sought to use alternative fuel for the delivery fleet to optimize the delivery backhaul loop. 12 supply trucks in the UAE runs on 100 percent organic, biodegradable biodiesel, which is made from the vegetable oil recycled from McDonald’s restaurants. As a result, McDonald’s UAE markets are estimating as much as $600,000 savings over the next five years if the program continues to expand.
6. Greening the Restaurant.
In 2008, McDonald’s France built a restaurant that is eco-designed in every aspect, from landscaping to interior design. The restaurant is equipped with geothermal technology, photovoltaic panels, and energy-efficient lightning. The colors, materials and illustrations chosen for interior decoration carry the environmental theme to encourage customers to adopt environmental good practices. In 2011, the restaurant obtained the French High Environmental Quality (HQE) operation label. It is the first restaurant in France to receive this external certification that focuses on the environmental quality of the building as much as on the environmental quality of operational practices.

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