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Strategies of Learning the Best
Cindy Watson
Grand Canyon University
NRS429V: Family Centered Health Promotion
June 17, 2012

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The strategies of learning are as varied as styles of teaching. As an adult learner how can you assess learning styles and improve your study skills? Inott, 2011, says, “Having an understanding of how and why adults learn is necessary to facilitating learning, and
says that teaching is received and learning is experienced,” (Inott, 2011).
Adult learners’ motivations to learning are because of a change in skills, in other words they are returning to the learning environment out ...view middle of the document...

Personally speaking visual, read or write and kinesthetic are the most used. Making the learning environment easier by looking at the whole picture and reading the details to enhance
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the picture has always worked best. My philosophy has always been, “see one, do one and then teach one” (Vozenilek, 2004).
Some of the learning strategies personally used are: reading the course information, reading the assignments, researching the main points for further insight, outlining a subject as it is being read. All of this helps to see the big picture of the subject. Applying personal shorthand to my notes and watching demonstrations also helps with learning.
Comparing my personal learning with the VARK learning style a lot of similarities are present. Most closely related is the concept of “Whole-Sense Approach” of the multimodal category. By using two or three of the categories it is easier to interpret the information and make decisions about as well as being able to present it to others (Fleming, 2011).
While this process does take a little longer the understanding of the subject is so much deeper and allows many sides of the subject to be viewed. If this is applied to a personal level then adapting the information to the learning and then the teaching of it is easier to change to different levels of understanding. This technique can be used in my career and applied to my daily habits to enhance the interaction with others.
Study habits are strategies that are developed over the course of many years and mostly by trial and error. According to Richardson (2008), study is a strategy used by an individual to comprehend a task that includes, “how a person thinks and acts when planning and evaluating behavior.” She continues to say that, “learners use different behaviors to accomplish study tactics.” This can help the learner to remain consistent with learning approach while adapting to different learning styles. (Richardson, 2008).

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As an adult learner returning to school was not an easy choice. A lot of anxiety with online class work verses the traditional classroom model had to be worked through. Improving my computer skills and self- motivation has been the hardest. The study skills of reading seem to have a deeper meaning with the online version of learning. It is harder for me to outline or...

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