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Strategies In Conflict Resolution Essay

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Avoiding and Accommodating
Avoiding and Accommodating are the two of the five strategies in conflict resolution that will be discussed in the concept application paper. Managers must be effective communicators in order to match the correct strategy to the different situations that might come up at the job. And since various conflict situations require different strategies, managers need to know what strategy to use to solve a conflict or problem.
During the Avoiding strategy, neutrality is maintained at all costs, and withdrawal relieves the necessity of dealing with situations that would ...view middle of the document...

The Accommodating strategy is for managers that try to deal with conflict by making everyone happy. When using this approach, the manager emphasizes maintaining relationships with fellow employees, and de-emphasizes achieving productive goals. Managers using this strategy believe confrontation is destructive. Typical attempts to accommodate may include such things as calling for a coffee break at a tense moment, breaking tension with humor, changing the topic, or engaging in some ritual show of togetherness such as an office birthday party. These efforts are likely to reduce conflict, and therefore are more beneficial than simple avoidance. Accommodating is a camouflage approach that can break down at any time and create barriers to progress. In addition, accommodating correlates negatively with open upward communication and with participation in goal setting.
At my workplace I have 2 managers and they both have different styles to deal with conflict resolution. The highest manager uses the accommodating strategy because she always wants everyone to be happy. I believe that she does an effective job trying to keep everyone satisfied at the workplace. Whenever a conflict arises she always has a solution to solve the problem and by the end of the day everyone leaves happy because she knows how to deal with it. Not always is that easy but she can generally figure it out how to accommodate the problems...

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