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Strategies Essay

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Kalaw, Ann Bernadette M. ORALCOM-SPEECH

Is Batman A Superhero or Not?

When you were a child, were you inspired by stories of knights, supermen and courageous men and women who did wonderful things and changed the world around them? They were your heroes. You looked up to them, didn't you? And you admired them and read stories about them late into the night? Weren't you inspired by their courage and hoped you could grow up brave and strong? Weren't you thrilled by their exploits and their charisma? Well, has anyone here who doesn’t know Batman? I must say none of you.

Batman is a fictional character created by the artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. In the original version ...view middle of the document...

Batman is human; however he has characteristics, which make him very different from other people. He is very intelligent, he runs a multi-million dollar corporation, Wayne Enterprises. He uses wit and planning to outsmart his enemies rather than brute force. He is a scientist, criminologist, and tactician. He is one of the best detectives in the Detective Comics universe.

Robert Weinberg in the book, the Science of Superheroes stated, “Batman is an ordinary man who develops his skills through training and hard work. A master detective, Batman is one of the few superheroes who outthinks as well as outfights his opponents.”

He is highly devoted to his cause. Instead of spending money on luxuries; he spends them on weapons to defend Gotham. He spends a lot of time practicing martial arts and perfecting his weaponry to help others. Like other superheroes, he seeks no reward for his efforts to fight crime and help others.

He saves people on a daily basis.

A common hero would be a person who saves a life by one act of courage when they feel they should put themselves in danger to help someone else. A SUPER hero is someone who puts their lives at risk on multiple occasions in order to have a better society and the world around them. Therefore, Batman is a superhero.

Superpowers don’t matter. You don’t need to have super powers or some unnatural gift to be a superhero. It is how you use your resources and your desire to help others. It doesn’t matter how you accomplish the task of saving someone, it is the end result that matters most.
Robert Weinberg also said in, the Science of Superheroes, that “Unlike superman, Batman wasn’t born with super powers, nor did a friendly alien like the Green Lantern give Batman super powers… Batman is a self made hero.”

Batman may use special weapons to aide in crime fighting; however, he is simply trying to fight on an even playing field with his opponents, because after all, we know that batman doesn’t use guns and he doesn’t kill people.

All comic book superhero characters in the Detective Comics universe have one thing in common: they are fighting for the same cause, to help the innocent and bring justice through courageous acts of heroism. You don’t need to have a super power to be a super hero; the point is that in the end you...

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