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Strategics And Planning Paper

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Strategy and Planning Paper
Stella Heering
University of Phoenix
Kathryn Lea

Goals are defined as an objective to do something within a measurable period of time (Davis, 2006). Goal setting is the most basic and fundamental element that is both at the organizational and individual levels. Goals setting should show clear directions and destination as to where people of the organization need to be moving towards. These goals can be long-term and short-term. Whether long-term or short-term, the end objective is always the same. In order to achieve the best results, there is an importance of ...view middle of the document...

It will enable the company to measure its success. An example of this would be, a suffered loss of customers which would likely eat into the profit margin. Management can than rethink of ways to reverse the trend. Management may reduce the ticket price of airfare even lower, offering cheaper round trip airfare, one way discounts, or enhancing customer satisfaction. Southwest Airlines chose to operate on type of airplane, the Boeing 737’s to keep operational, training, and maintenance expenses low is an example of how the company made a strategic decision.
Another type of goal that is mainly made for and used by middle-level managers that are in charge of the supervision of the work of first line managers and implementing decisions of those who are above them is known as tactical goals. These type of goals are goals that will ensure the long-term and overall objectives of an organization are met and achieved. Southwest Airlines as indicated above is showing that their ultimate goal is to remain as profitable as possible. In doing this they are using tactical goals by a how to goal. Southwest Airlines has shown this tactical goal by doing away with in-flight meals and serving peanuts instead to passengers. Other steps that have been taken are flying between bigger cities which has meant being more efficient on fuel cost and use. Southwest has also done away with seat reservations meaning that passengers who are late cannot hold up the flight and delay other flights.
The third goal is that of operational goals, they are made for the first-line employees as well as those who are not in a management position. This type of goal is concerned with the daily activities such as ticketing, fueling, and loading the airplanes before flights. In doing these tasks of operational goals and they are well executed, it enhances the airlines ability to meet their initial goals up the hierarchy.
Planning Types
The types of planning that are most important to an overall strategy of any organization is that of tactical planning, operational planning, and strategic planning. The use of any of these types of planning helps with the success of the organization.
The use of tactical planning is to measure the place of implementation of decisions to the management and supervisors the works of subordinates. This is to ensure that the goals set are being achieved in a timely and effective manner.
Then there is the concern of the day to day situations of the organization, such as daily activities being performed at departmental levels that are part of the overall strategic planning process. Such an example would be that of the supervisor getting his or her team together and implementing a plan of how to work well with one another and in a timely manner. The importance of this is that it enables the team to know what is supposed to be done and how it is to be done, results are also monitored and where possible adjustments can be made easily.

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