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Strategic Thinking For Managers Case Study Mango Madness

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Nikky Shah

Strategic Thinking for Managers 6340

The assignment is solely the work of Nikky Shah. All ideas and views of other people included or referred to are acknowledged and appropriately referenced

Nikky Shah


The report aims to analyze and examine in detail the strategic thinking process for Mango Madness. The purpose of this report is to identify and recognize the apparent position of the organization, its motto and vision, assessing the internal and external factors, issues, opportunities and challenges. The report also identifies the desired future position of the business and also stresses on Critical success factors and key strategic ...view middle of the document...

The business also aims to be financially sound with an efficient structure in place.
Sam claimed that at full potential the business can operate at 6 different locations at the same time, which is a remarkable feat considering the business has only been fully active since 2 years. Sam also claimed that the business can produce 300 units of its premium mango smoothie in an hour, which is also one of the strengths of the business.
Over the years, Mango Madness has developed a strong presence in night markets which has also led them to being invited to the Hamilton markets. The business also has a customized trailer which can be used at such events. Apparently the business generates revenues to the tune of $300,000 to $400,000 and aims to reach the $1,000,000 in the coming years.
The business aims high and aims to develop a reputation of being the number one smoothie brand at events, have a presence in Australia, and the pacific region also to become a franchise and have kiosks at malls. (Kaipo, 2013)

Mango Madness operates only at major events happening in the bigger cities of New Zealand, hence it cannot reach out to the potential markets in the smaller cities. Mango Madness can serve to anyone who is attending the events where they are carrying out business, from the young to the old, anyone who likes to have smoothies is a market for Mango Madness. The market ranges from all age groups, genders and ethnicities. The founder of Mango Madness, Sam stated that he would like to focus more on the age group of 20 – 35 as that’s the major chunk of their market. Following are some demographics at the various night markets that Mango Madness does business at:
Auckland Night Markets:
* Pakuranga – Maori, Pacific Island and Asian
* North Shore – Europeans
* Papatoetoe – Indian and Polynesian
* Onehunga – New Zealanders (Europeans)
* Hamilton – Mainly Maori
The demographics of the festivals where Mango Madness does business totally depends on the type of the event, for example the Diwali event at Aotea square in 2013 had mainly Indians.
Hence we can see that Mango Madness has a very adaptable and versatile brand and product that fits just right in different types of Markets. (Kaipo, 2013)

Mango Madness is well reputed for its healthy offerings, the business uses premium ingredients only, the berry and mango variant of its smoothies is made with natural and real fruits and fresh yoghurt with no sugar being added. This gives the business a competitive advantage as the product it sells is of very high quality considering the ingredients being used compared to the product its competitors offer. Also its Oreo Shake uses very high quality chocolate and cookies and is prepared live on site in front of the consumer hence adding to the freshness quotient.
Also as mentioned earlier, Mango Madness is capable of producing a large number of smoothies in a very short span of time and hence it...

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