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Strategic Staffing & Diversity Essay

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It’s an altogether different matter to consciously staff an organization with depth, character, and other qualitative people attributes. But building a deeper, better quality organization with value-adding character and professionalism is and should be seen as their vital priorities and responsibilities. Improving the quality of an organization and its associates is especially difficult when the labor market is tight and the competition for talent is fierce. That is why, more and more, the most competitive and successful organizations need to integrate an effective strategy for improving quality talent; diversity staffing.

In some fast paced business markets diversity is flourishing, despite the fact that so many critics today are calling to end affirmative action. The fact is today’s most successful companies are packed with talks of diversity: diversity roundtables, diversity initiatives, diversity task forces, diversity seminars, marketing and etc. to reinforce and keep the idea front and center. However, the economic truth is that organizations don’t know how to reach those who fall under the diversity umbrella such minorities, women and those with disabilities.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace organizations cannot afford any additional weight that does not help them prosper. Due to a lack of key competences in organizations the deficiency of diversity exists. This paper will investigate and recommend actions to help organizations succeed to overcome the hurdles associated with achieving a diverse workforce. A diverse workforce can provide concrete benefits to a company besides just satisfying legal compliance standards and good faith efforts. Due to the increased need for employees to produce creative solutions to business problems, an increased dependency on nontraditional workforce talent clearly validates that diversity staffing is a critical aspect of a successful business model.


In order to achieve diversity, an organization must first define what it actually means and looks like for them. Some companies use the traditional Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) definition of diversity, which deals with differences in gender, ethnicity, and age. Others employ definitions that are broader and include different physical abilities, qualities, and sexual orientation. Various other companies focus on the heterogeneity of attitudes, perspectives, and background’s among their employees. Finally, some organizations have broadened their definition of diversity even further to include people from different hierarchical levels, functions and backgrounds. The Pillsbury Company, for example defines diversity as “all the ways in which we differ”. Ultimately, organizations competing in today’s fast-paced global markets tend to favor the broadest definitions of diversity, ones that encompass differences in gender, ethnicity, age, physical abilities, qualities and sexual orientation,...

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