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Strategic Quality Mangement Essay

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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper
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Quality Management and Productivity

Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper
In today’s world the companies have to strive real hard in order to compete the harsh competition prevailing around. The most important thing that the companies need to work towards is the customer satisfaction. Only those businesses succeed who ensure quality and customer satisfaction, in fact the truth is that both the quality and customer satisfaction are strongly related and linked to each other. Unless and until the companies do not ...view middle of the document...

It ensures that the experience of the customers shopping here is worthy and fulfilling and enforce them to shop here again and again. According to Target (2010) outstanding values, public, diversity and the environment are part of Target’s mission. One cannot mistake the significance of the Target Corporation Mission Statement which makes clear that the values and services are incorporated the brand promise offered by target ensures that the community is supported, extraordinary products are provided, and the customer service should be friendly and welcoming. This brand promise is the guiding principle that helps Target incorporate quality and customer satisfaction. Everyone either at top management or at any other level is committed to be a part of the Target brand promise and needs to follow the guideline thus making it sure that all the standards and requirements are met. There are number of brands offered to match the requirements of the different shoppers. The designs offered here are suitable to different price ranges depending on the purchasing power of the customers. Besides the exceptional, marvelous and wonderful offering in regard to products and services by the Target, it ensures that all good business practices and quality principles are followed. According to Target (2010) the store does not focus in increasing its sales rather efforts are made to keep up with all the ethical standards and business principles. The store is committed to its team members, guest, vendors, shareholders and the communities and conscious efforts are made to support and help in every possible manner.

Target Corporation - SWOT Analysis
The basic concept of introducing Target stores was to satisfy the customers’ needs by supplying them with low price products but these products must be different from what the competitors are offering in regard to their designs which should be in accordance to the present trends and fashions. The company’s 7% of the total sales come from the novel creations, elite and selected products. The company believes truly in customer satisfaction therefore it is their major concern when making the mission statement. The company highly strives to offer best quality, outstanding customer service and suitable prices to its target customers. The company emphasizes on fulfilling the company's brand of promise to expect more, pay less. The quality of the products is based on the customer satisfaction rather than their looks. Wal-Mart is the greatest competitor therefore the Target’s strategy is to offer such innovative and inventive products on reasonable prices. It also makes efforts to attract the customers from other large stores. Because of the company logo used in advertising the consumer awareness was enhanced which consequently brought in more profits and revenues. The excellent customer service, well equipped and well stocked merchandise, spotless and tidy stores and fast checkouts are the major...

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