Strategic Quality Management And Customer Satisfaction Paper

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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper
Jamie Steward

MGT/429 Quality Management and Productivity
University of Phoenix
January 2009

Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction
Riordan Manufacturing is a successful international plastics manufacturing company with an objective to promote customer satisfaction through a strategic quality management plan. During last year’s performance Riordan total quality management vision of working through the complexity of globalization, International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9000) or Six Sigma program is continuously improving. This report will discuss the ...view middle of the document...

Many of the data driven decisions that come from the disciplines taught by the program requires changes of whole organizational structuring depending on the desired corporate goal. The Riordan Corporation combines its management of research and development the same way it combines its sales and customer service. This allows everyone in the organization to have a feel for what directions the company will take. This keeps confusion at a minimum at the Riordan Company.
An Analysis of a Process Improvement Plan
Riordan is a growing manufacturing company that knows the importance of addressing and discovering problems as soon as possible. The purpose of the process improvement plan used by Riordan is to start with an, “Initiative Report,” designed to develop and implement meetings, customer requirements, user friendly tools, 99% on-time delivery system and any and all business modules. Analyzing current situations is deciding on strategies and putting these strategies into action causing changes internally and externally. A situation analysis entails scanning and evaluating the organizational context, the external environment, and the organizational environment (Coulter). Riordan leadership team is not afraid to admit that mastering its craft and maintaining the company status as a “World Class” manufacturing company is important. Another process improvement used by Riordan is the Post Riordan End Project, a team made of key stakeholders, project team members, users of the project deliveries or results. The reports consist of activities performed by the project team at the end of project life cycle to gather information on what worked well and what did not. The objective of this process improvement plan is to build the permanent record of lesson learned from this project.
Tools and Techniques used to Measure Quality and Customer Satisfaction

There are a number of different tools that Riordan Manufacturing can use to measure customer satisfaction and perceived quality of their products. Many companies regardless of their field of operation use consumer mailers that ask consumers to rate customer service, ease of product usage, likelihood of return business and miscellaneous feedback or comments about the company and the consumer’s overall opinion. The return rate of consumer mailers is very low and does not always offer the company the type of in-sight into consumer opinion that they seek. Cold calling is also a good way to get consumers opinion about products, quality and company reputation, however, again many consumers are put off by this approach and most of the time do not answer the phone or answers the caller’s questions. There are survey cards enclosed with many manufacturers’ products, but again not many consumers remember to fill these out or send them back.
Many companies like Riordan Manufacturing have extensive websites that offer consumers the ability to contact different departments within the...

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