Strategic Qaulity Management And Customer Satisfaction

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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction
Kim Bellamy, Crystal Elmore, LaVaughn Martin, George Oliver, and Andreameda Pollock
December 13, 2011
Stephanie Edens

Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction
The American Red Cross (ARC) is an emergency response organization dedicated to providing relief to the victims of some 70,000 disasters each year (American Red Cross, 2011). They also contribute to community services that help the needy and provide support and comfort for military members and their families. The American Red Cross collects, processes, and distributes blood and blood products. They offer compassionate services to educational programs that ...view middle of the document...

” Although The organization’s greatest strength is in its brand, it is also one of their greatest weaknesses. Because of their international humanitarian efforts, they are often met with resistance from third world and middle eastern countries that denounces America and the entire western culture. The American Red Cross could use technology to quickly respond to disasters on a global scale. Other opportunities that the organization can take advantage of are some of the powerful software products on the market to help maintain a powerful database of information that can be useful in future campaigns and missions. By taking advance of these powerful tools the organization can position them as one of the top humanitarian organization in the world. Over the past few decades The Red Cross has been able to utilize its brand to push its strategic drivers. Based on the global economy that they operate in today they are constantly threaten by globalization, climate change, hunger, disease, and overpopulation.
According to Allain, Tucker, Hamilton, Raiker, Cao, & Dannen (2009) “The Red Cross is at a critical tipping point where it can harness the longevity and recognition it
possesses or fade under a lack of cohesive vision” (p. 2). Based on a failing global economy, most nonprofit organizations are challenged with raising capital. One of the growing trends for nonprofits is to position themselves as a customer friendly organization that makes maximum impact toward their charitable goals. These organizations have to be able to measure their results as well as make this information easily accessible to their donor community.
Quality Management Approach The red cross approach to quality is driven by its leadership. In recent years the organization has developed quality processes in its customer service processes via social media. They are reaching far beyond middle America; they have accessed the world through the use of technology and social media. Additionally, they have incorporated quality processes in their CPR training, first aid courses, and water safety programs. Dealing with foreign governments and policies will be a challenge, even for a global organization like The American Red Cross. Other weaknesses they will have to contend with moving forward are the raising attrition rate in volunteers. They will have to do more with less funding and resources. The organization has the opportunity to become an industry leader in humanitarian efforts provided they can compete globally and use innovative ways to increase the popularity of the brand on a global scale. To accomplish these goals the organization will have to look more toward an ISO 9000 or six sigma approach in all of its processes and procedures. The key to their continued success is getting the volunteers to understand quality and buy into it. Because they operate in a global system, they have to incorporate quality in every policy, procedure, and process. However, if they fail to do...

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