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Strategic Planning & The Nursing Process

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Strategic Planning and the Nursing Process Paper
Brandon A Hazlett, RN
June 1, 2015
Billy Kesserwani

Strategic Planning and the Nursing Process Paper
Strategic planning and the nursing process are both essential when one is developing medical informatics. The use of the nursing process is an exceptional demonstration of how the elements utilized within the process can be applied to strategic planning. The reason for this is the basis that both processes use the same elements to construct or utilize the system in which they are being applied. With the use of strategic planning and the nursing process, it is imperative to ensure that health care professionals understand and ...view middle of the document...

This is the same as the nursing process. The evaluation phase of the nursing process is ongoing and is continually being utilized by nursing staff to evaluate if an outcome that was established is being achieved. With the phase of the process, the nurse can make changes to ensure that the expected outcome has been met and if not, one can make amendments to ensure that it is.
When comparing strategic planning and the nursing process, one can see very little differences as it pertains to health care. The nurse's role in the strategic planning process is as a decision maker, and this allows for information technology strategic planning to take place. Thus allowing for a bridge to be established between the nursing field and the information technology department (Hebda & Czar, 2012).
The chief nursing informatics officer is a seasoned informatics administrator facilitates the structure, functioning and needs of the facility or organization through the development of a plan. One of the main concerns of the chief nursing informatics officer is to ensure that nursing informatics is applied to evidence-based practice. He or she also ensures personnel have the skills necessary to understand the use of computerized technology, information, and nursing science. This facilitates strategic and operationally planning within an organization and medical treatment facility. The health care professionals that fall into this role focus on the design, selection, and implementation of health information systems (Hebda & Czar, 2012).
It is essential to obtain support from the nursing staff and physicians when choosing the system in which they will utilize. “Nurses are resistant to change unless they see the potential benefits” (Hebda & Czar, 2012, p. 146). Nurses can become involved in the strategic planning process by providing information that will assist in the development of guidelines within the planning process. One of the ways that nursing staff can do is this by creating order sets, data reports about patients on a specific floor, utilizing diagnostic support and workflow tools. All of these...

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