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Strategic Planning At United Parcel Service

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Case questions
What are the strengths and weaknesses of scenario planning? What is your evaluation of UPS’s 1997 scenario planning exercise? Its Horizon 2017 planning exercise? How do the two efforts compare? Evaluate the following elements of UPS’s approach to strategic planning:
The UPS charter The Centennial Plan The Strategy Road Map

Why was John McDevitt put in charge of “strategic integration?” Should he remain in that role?

What is the strength and weakness of scenario planning?
 Build foundation for source of long term competitive advantage  Provide backdrop of strategic decision (pg.6)
• Acquisition of Mail Boxes Etc.

 Change mind-set
• Make ...view middle of the document...

e. mission statement and purpose) • Backdrop of important decision (i.e. acquisition of Mail Box Etc.)

Centennial Plan
Change the internal condition for further growth
• Repositioning by a set for strategic imperatives • Building consensus among management • Provide framework for strategic planning

Strategy Road Map
Key activity to raise the success rate of the strategic planning
• Add framework of how to achieve the plan • Connect scenario planning and execution • Appropriate allocation of resources by Program Oversight Committees

Why was John McDevitt put in charge of “strategic integration?” Should he remain in that role?
Strategy implementation
• Efficient allocation of resources

Quality control
• Project is implemented on time and is headed in the right direction


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