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Strategic Plan I Essay

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Strategic Plan, Plan I: Conceptualizing a Business

Creating a strategic plan for a business is necessary for long-term success of a company. A strategic plan should include a business’s vision, mission, and values that implicate the direction of the company. The mission statement would identify the type of business that is being proposed, the products or services that is introduced, and recognizing the target customers. The vision of any organization must be clearly demonstrated by the decisions made and the intended direction of the business for the future. To define the principles or values for the company, the leader must consider the topics of culture, social responsibility, and ...view middle of the document...

Our customer’s needs are of huge importance, and ensuring the job is done correctly at a reasonable cost is our top priority. We will dedicate ourselves to customers needing concrete service on the Big Island of Hawaii.
The Vision Statement for Everything Concrete:
“Our goal is to provide the best quality work by employing master craftsmen, forming relationships with outstanding suppliers, offer affordable solution to your needs, and leaving you feeling as if" we were the best decision you could ever had made.”
Guiding principles or values
Quality Standards – We have high standards because we have developed goals that require the best of everything. We define quality as acquiring employees who are knowledgeable and skillful craftsmen, exhibiting excellent customer service, job projects that is of perfection, and a dependable and effective operation.
Customer Satisfaction – Accomplishing the needs of our customers is the only way this company will survive. They are the most important stakeholders, and by satisfying the needs of our customers, we will in turn satisfy other stakeholders.
Customer Service – We will go to extraordinary lengths to contend and meet the needs of our customers. We will exceed our customer’s expectations and provide the attention that they deserve. Issues will be dealt with in a swift manner and with a delicate approach. We will make things right with our customers and ensure that we are a trusted company that they can depend on.
Employees will be treated like owners of the company and given the right to make suggestions have their complaints heard, provided with adequate benefits, and have empowerment. They will be equipped to perform their tasks at work through superior leadership, and be given the opportunity to learn the different aspects of the company.
Respecting the environment and the culture of our society will be done through working with environmentalist, cultural groups, and communities. They will help us reach our company goals by using our resources in a practical manner.
The Organization’s Strategic Direction
The vision, mission, and values of the organization is important in the company’s strategic direction. The first step is to ensure strategic management is created. According to Pearce & Robinson, 2009 strategic management is, “the set of decisions and actions that result in the formulation and implementation of plans designed to achieve a company’s objects” (p. 1). Once the company’s goals and objects are formed, management can than develop the vision,...

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