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Strategic Marketing And Planning Essay

705 words - 3 pages

1) Unit of analysis and geographic scope of an industry –
The unit of analysis is done by examining the factors that enable the development of the Internet-Ecosystem and the barriers that are impeding more than 60% of the global population.
Today, Internet is present in all regions of the world. The geographic scope of the internet industry is wide. As per given in the case, the countries are divided in 5 different groups:
Group 1- Africa and Asia- Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Tanzania.
Group 2- Egypt, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.
Group 3- China, Sri-Lanka and Vietnam.
Group 4- Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa and Turkey.
Group 5- Germany, ...view middle of the document...

3) Current market demand –
The current trajectory of the current market for the internet users is around 2.7 billion in this world.
* Calculation of the Market Development Index (MDI):
MDI = Current market demand * 100
Market Potential

Therefore, MDI = 2.7*100/4.2 = 64.28571
The MDI between the 33 and the 67 companies should stress on benefit deficiencies and tiny prices reductions.

4) Define why people do not use (consume) internet (define the reason) –
As per discussed in the case, people do not use internet because:
* Low literacy rates in some countries like Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Pakistan is high.
* Also, some of the countries like India, Egypt are facing issues regarding the poor infrastructure. (Lack of investment and supported infrastructure like roads, electricity, network-coverage, etc.)
* Also because of low literacy and high poverty index.
* Differentiation in the governmental rules and regulations. (Different countries have different rules, policies and norms).
* Also, one of the reasons for the offline populations are disproportionately low income and female.


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